Mindfulness Through Meditation

Mindfulness through Mediation will give you the tools to slow down, breathe deeply, and connect with your true nature in order to become more present in your life. The course will encourage you to increase your compassion for yourself and your world. Learn to befriend yourself through the practice of meditation, mindfulness and breathing.

Calm your anxiety and create a space for yourself to be free and at peace. Forgive yourself and give yourself time to deal with difficult emotions. The course is designed to show women that we are enough just the way we are and to provide tools to stop and breathe, to give thanks and to find increased grounding. Learn how to connect with nature and use the healing energies of the natural world to bring balance and comfort to our lives.

Emma works to spread love, wellness and appreciation of self and life. Her values acknowledge the Maori wisdom of Tikanga. Her journey of loss and grief and finding ground through all the chaos has helped her understand the importance of acknowledging challenging emotions and finding peace within yourself. She is a published author and comes from a background of teaching meditation, mindfulness and creative writing both in New Zealand and overseas.

“I loved the insights we gained from each other and from ourselves when we created the space for quiet. Thank you Emma from the bottom of my heart, I am so happy and grateful our paths crossed. I hope your talent and passion continue to touch the lives of many.” - Past participant

Please enrol before Tuesday 28 January, 2020.

Cost: $85 - $145 sliding scale (includes workbook)
If you would like to enrol but can't manage the full price of the course please contact us.

To enrol:
Click on the enrolment button below, email - or call 09 376 3227 ext 0.

Auckland Women’s Centre, Grey Lynn, Auckland
2021-10-19 19:00:00 - 2021-10-19 21:00:00, 2021-10-26 19:00:00 - 2021-10-26 21:00:00, 2021-11-02 19:00:00 - 2021-11-02 21:00:00, 2021-11-09 19:00:00 - 2021-11-09 21:00:00, 2021-11-16 19:00:00 - 2021-11-16 21:00:00, 2021-11-23 19:00:00 - 2021-11-23 21:00:00
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Mindfulness Through Meditation

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