Invest in Auckland’s high-value materials sector.

From metal alloys to plastics, nanofibers to ceramics, you’ll find a hive of high-value material manufacturers in Auckland. Businesses and researchers in this sector play a crucial role in the success of many of our other industries. With specialised skills, knowledge and goods, they provide various components, devices and manufacturing systems to a range of businesses across Auckland.

Why invest in Auckland’s advanced materials sector

We’re specialised

Our advanced materials – primarily plastics, coatings, polymers, composites, ceramics, metal alloys and nano-fibre – are tailored for numerous applications.

High demand

The advanced materials we create supply Auckland’s other growing sectors. As these other sectors grow, so does the demand for the materials and the people with the skills and knowledge to make them.

In-house R&D

Many of our manufacturers have become experts in their field due to their in-house research and development.

Extensive research support and facilities

Many of Auckland’s tertiary education providers, as well as private organisations, provide support and dedicated facilities to research and develop advanced materials.

Companies in Auckland


R&D centres and facilities
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Additive Manufacturing Research Centre

Part of Auckland University of Technology, the Additive Manufacturing Research Centre investigates new materials for additive manufacturing processes and mechanisms of their consolidation.
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Advanced and Nano Materials Research Centre

Part of the University of Auckland, this centre has a wide range of materials processing and characterisation facilities and research capabilities.
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Centre for Advanced Composite Materials (CACM)

Part of the University of Auckland, CACM researches synthetic and bio-based composite materials, manufacturing processes, design, analysis and experimental characterisation.
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Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Part of Auckland University of Technology, CAMTEC is a leading technology centre dedicated to developing industrial innovations for competitive advances in a number of key areas.
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Industrial Information and Control Centre

Supported by New Zealand's process and manufacturing industries, this centre focuses on raising the capability in advanced process simulation and control research in New Zealand.

Light Metals Research Centre

Light Metals Research Centre (LMRC) is a dedicated centre for light metals research development and training.
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Plastics Centre of Excellence

The Plastics Centre of Excellence aims to expand the knowledge base of the plastics industry through the benefits of research, leading edge technology and coordinated education programmes.
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Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science (RCSMS)

RCSMS specialises in materials characterisation, in terms of composition and structure, from the very near surface to the bulk of the material.
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Industry associations
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Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA)

Specialising in heavy engineering research, industry development, training and advocacy, HERA partners with members and clients across the globe to create opportunities and bigger picture thinking.
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Plastics New Zealand

Plastics New Zealand is the Industry Association for the New Zealand plastics industry, providing support for a wide range of companies in their quest to grow and succeed in the global marketplace.
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