Auckland offers numerous advantages for smart investment, from a highly-skilled workforce to strategic connections with Asia-Pacific and global markets.

The world’s No.1 country to do business

Auckland is New Zealand’s economic powerhouse and in the World Bank’s 2017 Doing Business report, New Zealand ranked as the easiest place to do business in the world. With our tax system competitive and low-compliance, we’re the eighth lowest in the OECD for the amount of time it takes our taxpayers to comply with tax obligations (World Bank, 2016). In New Zealand there is no payroll tax, no social security tax, no stamp duties, no estate tax and no capital gains tax. Interacting with public authorities is also easy and transparent.

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The world’s 3rd most liveable city

The international Mercer Quality of Living Survey has ranked Auckland the third most liveable city in the world every year since 2012, while the 2016 Economist’s Global Liveability Survey ranks us eighth.

Australasia’s fastest growing city

New Zealand’s and Auckland’s economic growth has been faster than most developed countries since 2010. Auckland makes up more than a third of New Zealand’s population and is projected to go from just over 1.5 million in 2016 to 2.2 million in 2043 (medium projection).

Investors can take advantage of the new business, commercial and industrial spaces and services being built in Auckland to support our growing population and globally competitive industries.

Auckland’s time zone advantage

Auckland is 12 hours ahead of the United Kingdom, and between two and six hours ahead of Australia and many major Asian cities. This makes us perfectly located for multinational companies to service customers through the night for a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

A global talent hub

Investors can tap into our highly educated and experienced workforce. Auckland has one of Australasia’s largest recruitment bases of highly-skilled employees, as well as New Zealand’s biggest pool of private and public sector researchers. Our labour market is also flexible and mobile.


The 4th most multicultural city in the world

Half a million people born overseas now live in Auckland and over 27 per cent of Aucklanders can speak two or more languages, making us sensitive to diverse cultural customs and able to provide services in multiple languages. New Zealand offers a range of visa categories catering for investors, entrepreneurs and business managers, and active government support for investment.


The gateway to booming Asia-Pacific markets

With Asia set to significantly shape global trade and investment flows for years to come, Auckland is a strategic place to set up business. Here you can serve the Asia-Pacific and Western economies and gain preferential access to international markets (including Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam). This is due to the Free Trade Agreements New Zealand has signed with major Asia-Pacific economies.


Globally connected

Auckland is New Zealand’s major hub for international air travel, with most major international airlines flying frequently in and out of Auckland Airport. The city’s deep water port serves more than 30 global and regional shipping lines at internationally competitive stevedoring costs. In 2015, 970,000 containers (20-foot equivalent units) were processed by the Ports of Auckland.

Our ultra-fast broadband extends across the country and internationally, as Auckland is a landing point for a number of submarine fibre optic cable systems, including the Southern Cross Cable. The Southern Cross Cable currently delivers 240GB/second and the capacity can be doubled to 480GB/second as demand increases.


A highly developed financial hub

New Zealand has one of the most developed financial systems in the world. In Auckland, you can be first on the stock market – our stock exchange is the first to open worldwide each trading day. Several major trading banks and numerous other banking institutions are based here, along with agents and sales offices representing many international banks. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand supervises our banking system to ensure the country is financially stable.


New Zealand’s total public debt remains well under control at around 32.7 per cent of GDP in 2015. For comparison, in 2015 gross public debt in the UK and USA was around 89 per cent and 105 per cent of their respective GDPs.

A fair labour environment and competitive costs

New Zealand’s labour laws support both business owners and employees. Auckland offers highly competitive wage rates and low on-costs and overheads – all crucial advantages over comparable cities. Our commercial rent spaces are also extremely cost-competitive across all types of business and industrial premises.

See more about how Auckland compares.


New Zealand's Pay As You Earn (PAYE) deductions are easy to do and include income tax and accident compensation cover. Employees can choose whether they'd like to join a union and, if so, which union. You and your employees can take paid and unpaid parental leave - certain criteria apply.

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