A Discovery Course in Computing

Holiday Fun and Excellent Computer Education for ages 5-17.

A Discovery Course In Computing
Begin a voyage of discovery to further each holiday. Discover the different areas of computing, find out what is best for you and answers to your questions. Covers aspects of all classes.

Create 3D Video Games
Create a multi-level game with a labyrinth of rooms, water or lava below, sky above and outdoor scenes. Add doors, elevators, teleporters, a player, enemies, guns, health packs etc. Create start, win and lose screens. Learn to skin your own 3D models and place them in the game.

Essential Computer Skills
Enjoyable and fun for all levels of experience. Small groups. 55min sessions on animations, use PowerPoint as an artist to make ID cards and drawings, Excel and Word.

Web Design
No previous experience necessary. Learn HTML, CSS and bootstrap to make a truly responsive website to work on mobiles. Link to youtube, twitter and facebook.

Learn to Program - Introduction
Python and Java are the two major languages. Understand the principles and terminology behind all programming languages. No programming experience required.
Learn to Program - Intermediate
Create your own 2D platformer game. Create the level layout, add player, enemies and other entities. Customise their behaviours and create their graphics.

Intermediate & Advanced Workshops
Great for those who have been before or know a lot. Sessions include building a PC, web design, graphics and animations, make 3D games, databases, programming, network computers, run a website, video edit and movie making.

Minecraft Modelling to Mastery

Minecraft Introduction – Wood Puncher to Architect
Understand basic logic, use redstone, create contraptions make amazing games bases. Construct everything from a nice looking house to a fully functional castle. Learn to learn! We provide links, resources and videos to full technical articles. Commands, LAN worlds, resource Packs, challenges and much more!

Minecraft Advanced - Architect to World Builder
More redstone! Beyond simple circuits; logic gates to fully functioning computer parts. Construction mastery: go beyond basic building; create impregnable fortresses, siege warfare, multitudes of traps, plus many more ideas! Adventure maps: make the ultimate challenge for you and your friends. From parkour, to fully fledged mini-games and adventures! Advanced Commands, challenges, Map editing.

Build your own MOD pack
How to make Minecraft beautiful, exactly how you like it - give cows a Steve face! Use Minecraft Forge to customise your Minecraft experience the way you like it. Ever wanted to play your own mods with friends? This course is for you!

Tekkit Basic
Bored of standard Minecraft? Build factories, explore new lands, fight new creatures even fly to the moon! Use technic and Hexxit and Tekkit mod packs. We use challenges, learning exercises, and even a few puzzles. Be both a veteran explorer and manager of vast sprawling industrial complexes!

Introduction to Servers
For those with no experience on large bukkit etc servers. Covers operation of plugins from in game, no out of game server work. Includes economy, construction, pvp, etc plugins on pre-prepared server files. Covers differences between unmodified, and modified servers (Plugin additions, not forge)

Server Basics
From basic multiplayer to complex, modified and customised servers! Install and configure plugins, administration commands, add custom features enjoy all this on a multiplayer server with your friends! Covers real world servers, use Minecraft as a practical tool to understand how internet servers work. Understand there’s more to a server than simply pressing a button!

For Tekkit Advanced, Server Pro etc see our website.
Lower Hutt: School holidays free transport from Hutt Valley.

Laidlaw College, Henderson, Auckland
2017-01-24 08:30:00 - 2017-01-24 17:00:00
All Ages
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A Discovery Course in Computing

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