Headboard Upholstery Workshop

If you have ever wanted to make your own headboard, this is the workshop for you!

I will teach you how to make a rectangle shaped, padded headboard 70cm high (excluding legs), using your own fabric. You can even bring along some buttons to put on it too. You will take home a professional looking headboard, and upholstery skills you can practice on other furniture.

You will learn:
- Introduction to basic upholstery tools and supplies
- Accurately measure board for buttons (buttons are optional)
- Adding foam to make a soft base
- How to attach fabric and fold corners
- Attaching buttons
- You will be supplied with a set of headboard legs. You can use these to bolt your board onto the back of your bed. You can also cover the legs in fabric, and use them to make a free-standing headboard.

You will bring enough fabric to cover your board, and buttons is you wish.

Mollies, Papakura, Auckland
2020-02-01 09:30:00 - 2020-02-01 15:30:00
09 930 8369
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Headboard Upholstery Workshop

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