Minecraft School Holidays: Modelling To Mastery

Hours: 9:30am to 4pm. Open 8:30am to 5pm (no extra charge).
Holiday Fun and Excellent Computer Education for ages 5-17

Minecraft: Modelling to Mastery.

Introduction - Wood Puncher to Architect:
This course introduces you to the fun and creativity of Minecraft on PC or laptop.
On this course you will be able to discover new aspects of the game, not limited to but including:
- Understand basic logic, use redstone to your advantage, create contraptions and make amazing games bases.
- Learn more about construction: everything from a nice looking house, to a fully functional castle,
- Learn how to move your world from computer to computer as well as play on the vast creations of other player’s worlds.
- Learn to learn! We provide links, and resources for kids to learn themselves, from easy to watch videos, to full technical articles.
- Commands, LAN worlds, resource Packs, challenges, and many, many more!

Advanced - Architect to World Builder:
- Ever thought of yourself as knowing everything about standard Minecraft? This course aims to challenge your belief.
- More redstone! Go beyond simple circuits; learn about logic gates, all the way up to building real functioning computer parts using redstone.
- Construction mastery: Go beyond basic building; learn how to create impregnable fortresses, siege warfare, multitudes of traps, as well as many more ideas!
- Adventure maps: Learn how to put these skills together to make the ultimate challenge for you and your friends. Everything from parkour, to fully fledged mini games and adventures, all using Minecraft!
- Advanced Commands, challenges, Map editing. This course is designed to be played again and again, different experiences guaranteed!

Build your own MOD pack:
- Ever want to learn how all those resource packs are made? Ever just want to give those cows a Steve face! This course teaches you how to make Minecraft beautiful exactly how you like it.
- Ever wonder how all those mod packs are made? Like to learn for yourself? This course teaches you how to use Minecraft Forge to customise your Minecraft experience exactly how you like it. -- - Ever wanted to play your own mods with friends? This course is for you!

Tekkit Basic:
- Learn to play with some of the most popular mods out there! Bored of standard Minecraft? Learn to build factories, explore new lands, and fight new creatures. Even fly to the moon!
- This course introduces the technic platform, as well as the popular Hexxit and Tekkit mod packs. We use a variety of challenges, learning exercises, and even a few puzzles. So you can be both a veteran explorer, as well as the manager of vast sprawling industrial complexes!

Tekkit Advanced:
- Covers more advanced material of the mod packs using mod challenges and objectives.
- Cover at least three different mod packs.
- We provide resources for students to learn for themselves, e.g. wiki’s, videos.
- We use prebuilt challenges.

Introduction to Servers:
- For those that have no experience on large bukkit etc servers.
- Covers operation of plugins from in game, no out of game server work. Includes economy, construction, pvp, etc plugins on pre-prepared server files.
- Covers differences between unmodified, and modified servers (Plugin additions, NOT forge)

Server Basics:
- This course covers running servers, providing the knowledge for how to operate everything from a basic multiplayer setup, to a more complex, modified and customised Minecraft server!
- This course covers: installing and configuring plugins, administration level server commands, adding custom features to your Minecraft experience, as well as simply how to enjoy all this on a multiplayer server with all your friends!
- Covers real world servers, using Minecraft as a practical tool to understanding how a server would work on the internet. But also involves understanding there’s more to a server than simply pressing a button!

School Holidays - free transport from Petone/Upper Hutt.

Westlake Boys High School, Westlake, Auckland
2016-12-20 08:30:00 - 2016-12-20 17:00:00, 2017-01-24 08:30:00 - 2017-01-24 17:00:00
All Ages
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Minecraft School Holidays: Modelling To Mastery

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