A former business journalist and author Dennis Murray is now writing an entirely different kind of story – the success story for his business.

As co-founder of technology startup Dacreed, Dennis takes pride in helping small businesses become more efficient, capable, and to offer a level of service that’s competitive with large-scale organisations. To realise his goal, Dennis sought the support of the business team at Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED). 

Dacreed launched in 2017 with a clear mission, “We wanted to deliver our customers an intuitive and customisable training solution that’s easy to operate and without the hassle and expensive price tag,” says Dennis. 

Dennis Murray, Co-founder of Dacreed

At the outset, Dennis and co-founder Jillian Stewart believed in their product, but knew they needed support to take their business to the next level. When a contact recommended ATEED, Dennis and Jillian knew they had found the resource to help write the next chapter of Dacreed’s story.

We reached out to ATEED and were connected with one of its business and innovation advisors who, on getting to know us, offered incredible insight into what Dacreed does and how it might meet the needs of other small businesses.”

Dennis Murray, Co-founder of Dacreed

Through ATEED, Dacreed accessed the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN), a programme to help small businesses establish connections with the right resources and experts to build capability for business growth and innovation. 

With the support of ATEED and experts from the RBPN, Dacreed participated in a programme to enhance its marketing capability, received funding to take part in an executive leaders’ forum, and successfully applied for two Callaghan Innovation Project Grants enabling higher level research and development.

Dennis says Dacreed has benefited from ATEED’s holistic and comprehensive approach, “The work of ATEED business and innovation advisors can only be described as a mix of art and science. Their perceptive insights and introductions to incredibly valuable contacts has enabled Dacreed to grow its capability.” 

Keen to extend Dacreed’s network of contacts, Dennis joined the Whāriki Māori Business Network, an independent network of Māori entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners that ATEED helped develop and continues to support and facilitate.

“Establishing a network of businesses operating in the same space has been essential to Dacreed’s journey. The Whāriki Māori Business Network offers an additional dimension for Māori entrepreneurs, enabling them to share and grow with people facing the same challenges and opportunities.” 

Despite the challenges that come with being a business owner, Dennis has no regrets about his transition, “You’ve got to have courage to be an entrepreneur in the technology space because it’s not easy, but the opportunity is immense if you get it right. That’s where ATEED comes in, they help early stage companies get it right.” 

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