Architecture tourism is possibly a concept that many would associate with European cities alone, but a new book details exactly why Auckland’s 150-year built history should be explored.

Auckland Architecture – A Walking Guide is a handy pocket guide that offers a self-guided tour of 50 significant Auckland buildings, from Ponsonby to Britomart, and from the Victorian era to the twenty-first century. 

The Chief Postal Office, which now serves as the grand entrance to Britomart Railway Station, is one example of the notable buildings to feature in the guide. The reader is provided with an image to identify each building and details on who the architect was and the date and style of its construction, and given a brief history of the site.

Did you know that the buildings which currently house luxury brands Chanel and Tiffany & Co were built in 1904 as colonial importing warehouses? Well, now you do – and thanks to Auckland Architecture – A Walking Guide these fascinating tidbits will help our architecturally-interested tourists and locals learn interesting facts about Auckland’s CBD that are not common knowledge.

Auckland Architecture – A Walking Guide, which is published by Massey University Press, is an informative and easy-to-read book, organised around six walking routes, each accompanied by an easy-to-read map.

Written and photographed by architecture experts John Walsh and Patrick Reynolds, the guide is currently available for purchase at Unity Books in the city centre, and online at and

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