As many of you’ll be aware we launched Destination AKL 2025 strategy in May and since then we have been working hard to ensure we have aligned our resources and begun working on the key actions to deliver the elements of the strategy ATEED is responsible for.

One of the areas we have been looking at is how we can better support destination development and management which requires attracting more investment into the sector. 

Wing Lin, our Tourism Investment Manager, has been tasked with rolling out a Tourism Investment Attraction Programme specifically focused on attracting Auckland investment.

While NZTE and Tourism New Zealand have started a national tourism investment programme, this has a slightly different of scope in terms of location of projects and investment requirements. ATEED is committed to working closely with them both to share resources, information and contacts to ensure the success of each of the programmes. 

However, given Auckland is undergoing an unprecedented period of development, with already more than $26 billion worth of public sector investment over the next decade on top of the billions’ dollars of private investment, we believe Auckland would benefit from having a more focused programme with core alignment with developing more tourism products for the region. 

Through the Tourism Investment Attraction Programme we want to develop a database of investment opportunities in the tourism sector to be able to identify ways to grow Auckland’s destination products which align with the core values of the Destination AKL 2025 strategy and to compliment the other Auckland urban development which is taking place. 

We are looking to develop a tourism investment prospectus to be able to share with our offshore contacts and over the next few months will be getting in touch with some of you around what the potential opportunities may be within your existing operations or identifying new business ideas or concepts.

If you would like to hear more about this programme please feel free to get in touch with Wing Lin, email:

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