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Bootleg Bounty aboard the Heritage Vessel - Ted Ashby

Ahoy there mateys!

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to sea, this is the Elemental event for you. Whether you’re a landlubber or a scurvy sea dog, you are hereby invited to climb aboard this pirate vessel and set off on an invigorating high sea voyage.

Be warned though, you will be put to the ultimate salty pirate tests.

Can you withstand the strongest grog of the seven seas?
Can you belt out a sea shanty?
And do you know your aft from your elbow?

Test your cunning and prime your wit to see if you have what it takes to join the crew, lest you meet your fate in Davy Jones' Locker.  So don your finest pirate garb, polish your cutlass, and hoist the Jolly Roger before immersing yourself in this rollicking barrel of fun.

This 90-minute sailing experience will be led by three highly skilled and qualified pirates aboard the beloved heritage vessel Ted Ashby and your voyage will include pirate games, a cup of hot grog, the singing of sea shanties and salty conversation with the silver-tongued trio of reprobate sailors.

Maritime Museum
Part of the Auckland Council Whanau
Ngā Rā
Te Wā
1:30pm - 3pm
Te Utu
Te Wāhi
New Zealand Maritime Museum
Corner of Quay and Hobson Street, Auckland 1140
Whakapā Mai
Huarahi Ngāwari