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Winter Forage

Food can be found everywhere, and not just at the supermarket, as this educational foraging event aims to illustrate.

Join Riki Bennett at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine (NZSFW), for Winter Forage, aka Mahinga Kai, and start your adventure with a guided city walk where you’ll be taught to identify a range of edible plants, leaves and berries.

When you’ve gathered enough, take your discoveries back to the New Zealand School of Food and Wine, where Riki will explain native flora in more detail, while also presenting an interactive guide to local edible plants and trees.

You’ll also learn about Māori food gathering traditions and culture, and how food traditions are coming full circle.

To follow this fascinating presentation, enjoy a special luncheon prepared by the students at NZSFW under the supervision of Celia Hay, Director – New Zealand School of Food and Wine.

The lunch features traditional ingredients prepared in a Kai Cooker packed with locally sourced organic meat and vegetables. The menu will be paired with local Auckland wines.

NZ School of Food and Wine logo
9am - 2pm
NZ School of Food and Wine
3/104 Customs Street West, Viaduct, Auckland 1010