Auckland’s fully-resourced film studios are adaptable to your production needs, offering plenty of choice in facility type, size and features.

Our main studios cover the full scope of screen production from music videos to feature films, and they are all within a 30-minute drive of the city centre and Auckland Airport.

Kumeu Film Studios – New Zealand’s newest purpose-built sound stages

Nestled within the region’s filmmaking hub in Auckland’s west, Kumeu Film Studios is an exciting addition to our studio landscape.  

Developed by filmmakers for filmmakers, the studio complex was first used by Warner Bros. Pictures and Gravity Pictures for the shark attack blockbuster The Meg, starring Jason Statham and Li Bingbing, and more recently for Disney’s Mulan.

Features of Kumeu Film Studios:
  • Located 30 mins from the central city and 40 mins from Auckland International Airport 
  • Stage area: 4036m2 (43,448ft2), 9m-11m (30ft-36ft) in height
  • Workshop and manufacturing space/secondary stage area: 6160m2 (66,305ft2) 
  • Production offices area: 1215m2 (13,084ft2) with fibre connection and wi-fi fit out  
  • Two water tanks – the only ones of this size in New Zealand – underwater dive tank and ocean surface tank
  • Permanent green screen wall: 70.6m x 13m (231ft x 42ft) with a surface area of 920m2 (9900ft2)
  • Two sound stages, each measuring 2336.3m2 (25,000ft2)
  • 12ha (30 acre) forest backlot

Auckland Film Studios – Henderson's established home of production

A mainstay of the Auckland screen production scene for 25 years, Auckland Film Studios has hosted dozens of international television series, commercials and feature film productions.   
Located close to screen businesses, local crew, motorway access and west Auckland’s sought-after spots, this connected studio complex has hosted The Shannara Chronicles, The Meg, Mr Pip, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Emperor, Whale Rider, Xena: Warrior Princess and many other New Zealand productions.

Features of Auckland Film Studios

  • Three studios: 1x 868m2 (9343ft2), 1x 784m2 (8439ft2) and a state-of-the-art stage 1924m2 (21,000ft2) 
  • A large green screen 
  • Multiple site entrances, extensive workshops, canopies, hard stand and offices make it a very practical base for one or more productions 
  • Full complement of buildings and areas for wardrobe, makeup, art department, casting, catering, construction, greens, props, production office, sound and stunts 
  • Numerous independent suppliers operate near the site  

Studio West - Close to locations, suppliers and crew

Nestled in the hills of Glen Eden, Studio West provides a full-service studio complex that has been home to many international and domestic productions, and it remains in high demand.  
It provides a fantastic base for productions wanting to be close to stunning locations, including the beautiful Waitakere Ranges and famed black sand beaches. Xena: Warrior Princess, Yogi Bear, Avalon High and many seasons of Power Rangers series have all been filmed here.

Features of Studio West:

  • Three stages: 1x 312m2 (3358ft2), 1x 525m2 (5651ft2) and 1x 700m2 (7535ft2) 
  • Workshops and office spaces for production, work and paint, carpentry, costume and art departments, and prop storage 
  • Post-production facilities 
  • 1.2ha (3 acres) of backlot 
  • Studio West also has a ‘ready-to-build’ development plan for up to two new sound stages and production office 

X3 Studios - A 'mega stage' and much more

Situated only 30 minutes’ drive south of Auckland’s city centre, X3 Studios is the most flexible turnkey studios in New Zealand and was specifically designed for large scale ‘build the world’ productions.  The studio complex comprises more than 11,725m2 (126,200 sq/ft) of clear span high-stud studio and flexible production space offering multiple configurations of up to four studios, including the X3 Mega Stage. 

X3 Studios is located on a secure, 2.4 hectare (5.93 acre) site with easy access to coastal, forest and rural scenic wilderness. 

Studio features include:

  • More than 8700m2 (93,646 sqft) of dedicated studio space spread over 3 acoustically treated clear span stages 
  • Standard configuration has 3 stages: each approx 2900m2 (42m x 70m x 12.2m at apex), column free 
  • Multiple configurations to suit individual productions 
  • Housing the X3 Mega Stage, the largest clear-span stage in New Zealand & Australia by floor area Designed with flexibility in mind, the stages can quickly be reconfigured using the de-mountable, acoustically treated concrete partition wall system 
  • Up to 2900m2 (31,215 sqft) of flexible multipurpose space for office, work rooms, mill, workshop and storage 
  • Full site security fence with automated vehicle and personnel gates 
  • More than 5000m2 (53,819 sqft) of yard and parking with access either side of property 

South Pacific Pictures – A turn-key studio solution

Based in Auckland’s screen heartland of Henderson, South Pacific Pictures has been used as a base for hundreds of hours of television production for;The Dead Lands, Shortland Street, Westside and The Almighty Johnsons to name a few.

The studio is close to Henderson’s business district, along with a huge number of shooting locations and easy access to the rest of Auckland. 

Features of South Pacific Pictures:

  • Studio 1 - 700m2 (7535ft2),  Studio 2 - 500m2 (5382ft2) 
  • Winstone Studio x 1092m2 (11754ft2) 
  • Sound-proofed 
  • Three production/post-production office spaces 
  • Photo cyc/studio available for hire 
  • Spaces are available for hire separately or combined 

Kelly Park Film Studio - A large 'maker-space' in a semi-rural setting

Thirty minutes from Auckland’s central city and 10 minutes from the centre of Silverdale, Kelly Park Film Studio sits on hectares of rolling farmland on a secure site, zoned for filming.  
The former equestrian centre offers a vast clear-span space as seen in 30 Days of Night, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Ferryman, Ash v Evil Dead and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: Sword of Destiny.

Features of Kelly Park Film Studio:

  • One 4538m2 (48,846ft2) studio, situated on 3.78ha (9.14 acres) of land  
  • An earth floor, where levels can be adjusted to meet production requirements  
  • A clear span building with no internal walls or columns in the studio area 
  • A catwalk system that runs the full length of the building, offering 3802m2 (40,924ft2) of working studio floor area 
  • Ramp trolley access, providing a safe elevated vantage point onto the ground floor 
  • Lighting grids running along each side of the interior, and convenient anchor points for sets and scaffolding to be secured 
  • Black roof space with sound dampening insulation material 

Flying Fish - Studio 230

Flying Fish is Auckland's most convenient studio location for film and television productions, advertising stills and photography shoots. 

Located less than five minutes from the city centre, the Fish building stands out in an area popular for its cafes, restaurants and fashion boutiques.

Features of Flying Fish:

  • One 16m x 11m x 6m studio 
  • Three-walled white cyclorama 
  • Sound stage  
  • Separate makeup/green room and a built-in lighting rig 
  • Dock way that provides easy access for lighting and film trucks and drive-on sets 
  • A full rail for curtains 
  • Black and green or blue screens can be rented on request 
  • Self-contained kitchenette and bathroom facilities 
  • Hireage includes power, wireless internet and car parking 
  • Three-phase power (two x 63 amp), and single-phase power (two x 20 amp)


Century Film Studios

Situated on the North Shore of Auckland in Rosedale, Century Film Studios is just 20 minutes from Auckland’s central city.  
With a custom-built studio, Century Film Studios is proud to offer a style of shooting space that uses every room in the building, and suits production companies, photographers, agencies and clients.  

Features of Century Film Studios:

  • 12m x 11m white infinity cyclorama shooting space, with a fully certified grid at 5.5m high 
  • Full rail curtain blackout option and a 18m x 5.5m seamless digital green screen, the floor can also be prepped to be entirely green 
  • 5m wide by 7m high access roller door for lighting and film trucks or a drive on set, with a 3 phase 63 amp power point 
  • Studio is soundproofed 
  • Separate make up and wardrobe rooms  
  • Lounge style green room and outdoor area 
  • Modular food prep/kitchen area for all types of food production or product shots 

Kingsize Studios

Kingsize Studios was founded in 1998 and over the years has assisted with numerous stills, film, video, and event productions.  

Features of Kingsize Studios:

  • Studio 1: large drive-in space with a 7m wide cyclorama, kitchen with Espresso machine, green room, make up and changing room, plus additional studio space at the rear for multiple shoots at one time. Green screen option available 
  • Studio 3: medium general-purpose space with skylight and blackout cover, full kitchen, ideal for still life, food, look books, castings and more 
  • Studio 4: smaller daylight space with skylight and black out cover, perfect for fashion, portraits, and still life  
  • Garden Studio: a purpose-built outdoor daylight space, with anchors to tie a diffusion fabric overhead 

With a comprehensive on-site gear hire department, there is support for your shoot with the largest stills/small cine camera inventory in New Zealand, for use in the studio or on location. 

NEP NZ Studios

Based in central Auckland, NEP’s studio is regularly used for live and as-live television programmes such as 7 Days, Pio Terei Tonight and Funny Whare.

Features of NEP Studios:

  • Studio 4 is a purpose–built 215m² flagship space, versatile enough to host a variety of productions 
  • Has a technical grid, sound insulation and concrete floor  
  • Air conditioning 
  • Self-contained control room 
  • Frequently used for TV programmes with a small audience.  Tiered seating is available 
  • The modern, comfortable green room is equipped with a 3-position make up area
  • Tea and coffee making facilities 
  • Guest Wi-Fi 

Whoa! Studios

Located in Henderson, Whoa! Studios is a boutique film facility that includes a state-of-the-art studio with theatre facilities which are regularly used for family entertainment.  The studio and theatre are available for hire separately and clients can take advantage of onsite catering from The Grounds restaurant.  

Features of Whoa! Studios:

  • Studio 1 – 400m2 with lighting rig 
  • Sound-proofed 
  • Fully air conditioned 
  • Green screen wall, blue screen curtain and blackout curtains provided 
  • Equipment available for hire includes Modula motion control system, lighting, 6k Red Dragon camera, scissor lift and forklift 
  • Greenroom with makeup stations  
  • Kitchen facilities 
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