This information is a guide only – if you're planning to use a drone in your screen production, please read the civil aviation rules before getting started.

Before filming, your production must have:

  • A film permit to film with a drone in a public space, even if your shoot is considered "low impact". 
  • public liability insurance, including an aviation clause, to a minimum $5 million cover with pilot and aircraft details listed. Some locations may require additional insurance.
  • Consultation with residents and businesses in your filming area.

This information is a guide only – if you're planning to use a drone in your screen production, please read the civil aviation rules before getting started.

Civil Aviation Rules

The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA) has two parts to the rules that regulate drones, one for general use of drones under 25kg (Part 101) and one  for drones over 25kg (Part 102), for which your drone operator must be certified.

Read the CAA rules

Filming on a beach, council-owned parks or regional parks

Commercial filming activity including a drone, always requires a film permit. In addition to that, filming in regional parks requires a part 102 operator. 

Be prepared to work around the public and avoid filming on weekends / public holidays, as these are popular public spaces.

There may also be significant environmental considerations to take into account during your application process.  Screen Auckland will happily advise productions for shoot feasibility. 

Filming over road and footpaths 

Find more about flying a drone over Auckland’s road corridor 

Other areas of special consideration

These areas may have additional requirements for filming with a drone. If you wish to fly your drone over any of these areas, please contact Screen Auckland for advice first:

  • Public cemeteries  
  • Tūpuna Maunga
  • Regional Parks
  • Auckland Botanic Gardens.
  • Wynyard Quarter
  • Waitemata Harbour, Hau Raki Gulf or Manukau Harbour
  • State highways

Aerodrome Maps

Airshare maps are useful for identifying if you are flying within a shared air space. You can also click on the air share overlay to see the contact details of who needs to be notified if you are filming in that area.

Filming within 4km of an uncontrolled aerodrome

Under CAA Rule Part 101 a drone operator must get approval from an aerodrome operator to fly a drone within 4km of that aerodrome. There are four uncontrolled aerodromes in Auckland’s CBD: the water drome at Wynyard Quarter, two hospital helipads and Mechanics Bay.

Certified Part 102 operators can notify their operations in lieu of getting an agreement, but the CAA still has a clause for Part 102 holders to contact the operators and discuss the operation before starting flight. This is a responsibility of the operator, not Screen Auckland.

Read the full rules.

Filming in a residential area

Drone operations are not permitted in residential areas between 10pm and 7am. If you’re filming with a drone in a residential area, informing residents is a required (for example, via a letter drop) and you’ll need to apply to Screen Auckland to oversee this. 


CAA Part 101 requires drone operators to get permission before flying over people or property. When filming with a drone, you’ll also need to comply with the Privacy Act.

Get in touch to find out more about filming with drones

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