What or who inspired you to get involved in the screen industry and how did you decide what part you wanted to work in?

I got involved in the screen industry by accident. I was looking for a job after leaving high school (a bit earlier than most) and was introduced to a key grip/gaffer who worked mostly in commercials. I wouldn't say I consciously chose the job, but I'm glad it's where I've ended up.

Tell us about some of your favourite roles to date?

Recently, I've been working mostly on local dramas and American films, but I'd say my favourite job ever was a Tourism Fiji commercial a few years ago. We spent two weeks working all over the islands, traveling by seaplane to some of the more remote outlying islands, and I even ended up in the ad somehow. I still get rollover cheques!

Give us a rundown of your typical work week?

Right now, I'm waiting to begin work on Avatar, so I'm taking things a bit easier than usual. In the meantime I'll limit my workload to a couple of days a week helping out on the other shows already underway in Auckland, and the odd commercial when they crop up. Once you're on a show full time it can be hard to get a break, so for now I'm just enjoying the summer.

Where do you see yourself in 4-7 years?

It's hard to say for sure, but I like to think I'll be more workshop based in the future. I do a lot of fabrication for the other grips working around the city and it's a satisfying way to work. Mostly though I see myself doing just what I'm doing now, but better.

What would be your best piece of advice for other young people starting their first role in the industry?

Look after your back, and be nice to people.