The Screen Auckland location gallery is available online and via the Screen Auckland app for iPhone. It is used by local and international productions seeking inspiration and options for public and private locations across Tāmaki Makaurau.

Property owners and venue managers are invited to complete the online location submission form to upload locations directly into the location gallery. Once a submission is reviewed, a listing can immediately be made viewable to productions seeking locations for their projects. The owner or manager can then deal directly with productions interested in filming there.

The submission form asks for contact details, along with a description and photographs of the location. We encourage you to be as comprehensive as you can in your submission to improve category and keyword search results.

To make it easier for productions interested in your location to make direct contact with you, please include a phone number, email address and website links where applicable. Please advise if there are any contact details that you would prefer not be published online.

Helpful tips

In the location description, it’s useful to include details about:

  • Facilities and amenities
  • Available formed parking and open/flat spaces that can be used for base areas and crew parking.
  • Types of terrain at the location, e.g., gardens, bush, farmland, private roads, alleys, sealed parking, gravel hardstands.
  • Brief descriptions or lists of particular or unusual property features e.g., open land, bush, scenic views, ponds or streams, additional buildings. These will show up in keyword searches, and it is valuable if one location can represent different environments.

The best image galleries have:

  • A variety of landscape-oriented photographs of the same resolution (approximately 3-5MB recommended, 10MB maximum, per image).
  • Wide angle photographs of the location or an area of the location (overview shots or aerials of sites are helpful if available).
  • Close-up photographs of particularly interesting aesthetics (e.g., stained-glass windows, wooden archways, tiling etc.).
  • If the location has great parking, covered space or amenities it is helpful to include a photograph of these too.

Your gallery listing should give the viewer an accurate sense of the location so they can assess if it is workable for their requirements.

Uploading photographs in a sequence is helpful. For example, the sequence for a building would be: View from the outside, walk around perimeter, inside entrance, looking up the stairs, into a room, looking downstairs, into the next room. 

Photographs should be accurate references and not vintage, edited, filtered or hyper-real.  A cohesive style, format and size ensures a good experience for the viewer as they scroll through. 

If you require additional support, please head to or email us directly We also welcome location gallery referrals, so feel free to share our details with your network. 

Happy listing!