Suzanne McKinnon 
Investment specialist

I specialise in connecting offshore technology companies and investors to new supply and value chains, potential acquisition companies and new markets in Auckland. I assist with business case development, site selection, R&D analysis and expertise matching, skills hiring, hardware solutions, project management, marketing and communications, sponsorship, local and central government liaison. 

With detailed knowledge of local opportunities, I help potential investors make fast yet informed decisions around expanding into Auckland. My focus is investments that bring business growth, quality jobs and new market access both to investors and to the city.

I bring strong project leadership and collaboration skills to achieve excellent investment outcomes. Since 2010, I have worked with multiple technology companies to help them set up successfully in Auckland. Other key projects include the 2014 Aroha Auckland programme to identify and assist expansion capital investment into the city, and in 2019 the international investment programme for the Tripartite business alliance with Auckland’s sister cities Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

Before joining Auckland Unlimited in 2010, I spent 10 years in the investment sector in the UK and New Zealand. I hold a master’s degree in commercialisation and entrepreneurship from the University of Auckland.

Areas of specialisation: technology
Years in the industry: 8 (tech sector), 20 (investment)

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