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Global expertise and businesses which are interested in setting up plastic waste recycling facilities in Auckland. New technologies that can recycle or repurpose more difficult plastics ie: 3,5,6 and 7, would be particularly welcome. R&D organisations that are researching plastic alternatives would also be welcome.


New Zealand has a waste problem. We are disposing more and more waste into landfill. New Zealand puts 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste into landfills every year, which is 20% of our total waste volume. Plastic accounts for about 8% of New Zealand’s waste by weight. However, because plastic is so light, it’s estimated it’s as much as 20% of our landfill space. Auckland-the largest city in terms of population with the bulk of New Zealand’s commercial activity-is ideally suited to be the plastics recycling and or research centre for New Zealand. There is a growing consumer and legislative appetite for transformational reform in this sector.

2 Plastic recycling .pngBackground 

The NZ Government is proposing to increase the waste levy and apply it to more landfill types which will help incentivise more circularity and recycling of waste including plastic. In addition, the Minister for the Environment has announced the investigation into a container return scheme which will in effect reduce the number of plastic containers sent to landfill thus enhancing the supply of available plastic for recycling.

New Zealanders are also looking for more ecologically sound choices in packaging including biodegradable options.


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To find out more about this opportunity please contact Andrew Carpenter