Building & Infrastructure

Project size 

NZ$211 million

Looking for 

New constructors and building material suppliers to complete these projects.


Manukau Infrastructure for New Capacity

Critical infrastructure to support relocation and expansion of clinical services. This includes new plant room and substations, heating ventilation and air conditioning, medical gases, information technology, parking and other essential infrastructure.

Manukau Radiology Hub - Stage 1

A radiology hub at the Manukau site.Radiology access will include the range of elective patients suitable for the Manukau site.

Re-clad of 3 clinical buildings - Stage 1

Re-clad 3 clinical buildings: Kids First and McIndoe ambulance bay, Manukau Elective Surgery Hospital and Middlemore Hospital McIndoe Building. These will be re-clad sequentially due to high clinical occupancy and lack of decanting space.

Radiology Relocation to Harley Gray Building at Middlemore Hospital

Relocate existing radiology department from the earthquake prone Galbraith building to Harley Gray building.


The Ministry of Health has established a Health Infrastructure Unit which will support and oversee the building of new clinical facilities in New Zealand. The Government is investing more into health capital - Budget 2020 saw an injection of $3.92 billion towards the country's DHBs over the next four years, building on $1.7 billion in Budget 2019, and  $750 million in Budget 2018. “As a result, there will be a number of projects in the pipeline across the country over the next decade. It’s the start of a long term programme to restore New Zealand’s health infrastructure in our health system, particularly in DHBs.

Based on 2018 DHB capital estimates, $14 billion of investment is required for buildings and infrastructure over the next 10 years. A full National Asset Management Plan with investment scenarios in 2022.

The NAMP is part of a government-wide agenda to improve the quality of asset management and long-term investment plans. Other large agencies have been building their capability in asset management and investment, such as the New Zealand Defence Force, the NZ Transport Agency, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Corrections and Kāinga Ora. The Ministry of Health differs from most central government agencies because it funds but does not own the assets. DHBs own buildings and infrastructure with a replacement value of around $24 billion and a similar investment in fittings, clinical equipment and IT. This asset base is large, with a complex operating environment.

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