Internet of Things

Deal size 

US$1.5 million

Min Investment - US$500,000

Looking for 

Seeking investment partners in Aged Care, Energy, Security and Delivery or optionally direct invest in Smartlife Labs.


Smartlife Labs enables clients to enhance the control of their spaces to make them simpler and more efficient to use. A smart home or business can save money, keep users safer and best of all, they get to enjoy your space more. An affordable integrated smarthome automation solution able to be permissionshared with external service providers.



The digital revolution has provided homeowners with endless ways to automate their home. Combine this with the array of appliances, media and online applications and you can have a complicated range of options to manage. Smart homes are about reducing complexity and making things simpler and safer while saving money.

Take your leaving routine and let it be one button in an app, lights off, appliances off, alarm set and the cat door unlocked. The best solutions have immediate benefits, think central locking on your car or smartphones, now a part of life we take for granted and wouldn't want to do without. Have your alarm provide emergency lighting if activated, or voice commands guiding the family to safety in case of fire, or sensor tread lights for the most stealth of midnight snacking. Today more
than ever the list of possibilities is endless, but therein lies the problem, so stay focused on the goal: improving your life.

Smartlife uses the world's best control solutions which are traditionally only affordable in luxury homes and high end board rooms.They have been in automation in New Zealand over a decade and have the expertise to help their customers use their space better by making it smarter. Combining and integrating best in class control solutions with a wide variety of alarms, CCTV, access control, lighting and electrical control, HVAC control, motorised blinds and drapes, solar, amplifiers, video distribution, digital display, smart TVs, projectors, touch screens, apps and accessories sourced locally and internationally through SmartTech Distribution enables Smartlife to offer a unique range of solutions to New Zealand homes and businesses.

Smartlife Labs identified the need for a solution that was more flexible and suitable for all homes and businesses. Smartlife Labs have a large team of dedicated software
developers and engineers who have developed a customisable App, Smart Hub and Internet of Things platform that enables customers to connect and control an extensive range of smart devices for Home and Commercial applications. This solution is developed in New Zealand and provides their customers with the peace of mind of knowing that support is provided locally.

Smartlife Care, a subsidiary of Smartlife Labs, utilises this technology to provide solutions for Aged Care including aging-in-place passive monitoring which provides families and carers with push notifications and in app communications for peace-of-mind. For aged care facilities we provide advanced nurse call, security, monitoring, access control, notifications and communication along with general automation solutions.

A similar set of product features can be used to control energy usage, provide permission based security access and delivery notifications and verification as well.


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