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Uno Loco’s mission is making you famous by producing exceptional experiences. 

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Uno Loco has built its reputation by delivering the most creative large-scale events, media and experiential activation in New Zealand.  

We’re about telling great stories and inspiring audiences. We create compelling themes and weave together powerful narratives to tell unforgettable stories.

Our clients will tell you it’s about delivering ideas that make you famous.

Examples of our work include:

  • High-end corporate events (such as company days, leadership conferences on and offshore, and award shows).
  • Media production for product launches, internal and external messaging and training.
  • Experential product activation for major FMCG and services brands. 
  • Creation and delivery of effective incentive programmes – such as super-sales achievers rewards and recognition.  

Since 1996 we’ve produced work throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, China. We work with the world’s biggest brands, heads of industry, royalty, and presidents of super-powers. 

Our team of 26 includes the most experienced event professionals in New Zealand, along with our dedicated strategy and creative teams. Uno Loco can also offer in-house Business Comms, Design and Content production capability through our sister-brand Hula  ( 

Let us tell you how we can make you and your company famous.  


  • Event production
  • Creative strategy
  • Media production
  • Design and animation
  • Business communication
  • Experiential engagement
  • Incentive programmes
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