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1. Duck Island Ice Cream

This pretty little ice cream parlour has quite the following, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are the stores aesthetically beautiful, but they offer the most delectable ice cream with flavours like toasted marshmallow, strawberry coconut lime leaf, salted caramel cacao crumb and even fairy bread. 

2. Giapo

They’ve garnered attention from around the world for its edible masterpieces, and it’s all created right here in Auckland. The inner-city parlour run by husband and wife duo Giapo and Annarosa, serves up epic creations that are known just as much for their looks as they are for their taste. Choose from an edible photo frame, a Sky Tower cone or colossal squid - to name a few.

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3. Cheltenham Milk Bar

This hip little joint serves delicious gelato and it’s just a short stroll from Cheltenham Beach – the perfect spot for you to enjoy your ice cream. There’s also a range of other delicious goodies on offer. 

4. Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens

If you like berries and ice cream, then this is for you. It’s the ultimate real fruit ice cream. Here, they use the freshest berries and combine them with the creamiest ice cream or yoghurt - creating a smooth goodness that’ll be sure to have you coming back for more. 

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5. Miann

Miann is a luxury dessert restaurant with some outstanding sweet treat creations. Miann doesn’t do things in halves and has some of the best gelato flavours in town, including pavlova and 60% Peruvian chocolate with caramel, pecan and biscuit brownie. Drool.  

6. Takapuna Beach Cafe

Grab an ice cream and take a walk along Takapuna Beach. Their scoops are hands down, one of the best. Our favourite has to be the lemon curd, but you’ll want to try it for yourself!  

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7. Charlies Gelato

Gelato is more than an ice cream shop. It’s considered an institution in Matakana. All the award-winning gelato and sorbetto is made from scratch and in small batches. They’ve been developing new flavours and now have more than 40 to choose from! 


Ice cream with a health-kick anyone? Ah, yes please! TSUJIRI is a household name in Japan for its high-quality matcha tea and matcha-infused desserts. Matcha tea has long been known to have health benefits, is rich in vitamins and helps you burn calories. 

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9. Island Gelato

Opening on Waiheke in the summer of 2014, this popular gelato shop has since expanded to two more locations – at the ferry terminal and Westfield Newmarket. With more than 70 flavours and weekly specials, everything is lovingly created in store and full bodied in flavour. As their tag line goes…lick it or lose it. 

10. Milse

They may be served on a stick, but these gelatos are nothing ordinary. Flavours include bombe Alaska, milk chocolate and cornflake, and brown butter. Like Miann, you’ll need to cover your eyes when you walk past the other sweet creations.