In recognition of the screen industry’s increased importance to Auckland’s economy and the priority ATEED places on supporting its development, Screen Auckland has been established as a standalone unit in ATEED’s Economic Development division. 

The move recognises a new era for the region’s industry is underway, with multiple large international productions basing themselves in Auckland and the need to support a busy domestic pipeline – all of which are key to achieving ATEED’s vision of quality jobs for all Aucklanders.
Key staff have been appointed to drive Screen Auckland’s support for the industry’s strong emergence post-COVID 19. 

This includes Jasmine Millet’s permanent appointment as Manager Screen Auckland, following six months as acting manager. The unit’s highly respected former manager Michael Brook has been leading a special project to develop a creative industries strategy for Auckland, and will now continue that work alongside Jasmine as Manager Creative Industries.

Pam Ford, General Manager Economic Development, says Jasmine’s appointment reflects  her astute guidance of the team during a massive year when Amazon Studios and Netflix brought TV productions of an unprecedented scale to Auckland, her international relationships, and her experience of the wider industry.

“We’re committed to growing creative industries across Auckland. Both Jasmine and  Michael’s teams are driving  our COVID-19 emergence programmes, and continuing the valuable partnerships with industry and national agencies.

“We understand that many people in the industry are hurting because of COVID-19, but share the optimism of many key figures who believe our industry is in a strong position to rebound when we have the green light. We want to help as much as we can within the appropriate national safety guidelines,” says Pam Ford.

She says the new Creative Industries 10-year plan developed after widespread consultation and collaboration  was due to be released this month, but is now being adjusted to incorporate the likely impacts of COVID-19.

“The formation of that team recognises the importance of Auckland’s gaming, immersive technology and music sectors within our creative industries alongside screen production,” says Pam Ford.

Kirsty Donoghue will continue to lead Screen Auckland’s attraction function on an acting basis, drawing on her deep knowledge of Auckland filming locations and long history with the organisation. 

Marie Jenkins leads the Screen Facilitation team – the engine room of Screen Auckland, turning around more than 600 Council film permits a year and dealing with hundreds more enquiries. Frans Jonker is our dedicated screen health and safety specialist supporting facilitation and ATEED-run studios across Auckland. Frans will have a crucial role in the implementation of new national guidelines for location productions under the various levels of COVID-19 restrictions.

Jasmine Millet says: “Strong creative industries will be crucial as our region and nation emerges from the worst of the COVID-19 shock, and we look forward to working alongside industry and other key agencies to support them in the weeks and months ahead."