How The Hotel Britomart paves the way in sustainable hospitality 

As New Zealand’s first hotel recipient of a 5 Star Green Design and Build certification, The Hotel Britomart is sustainable from the ground up. Built in 2020 in the heart of Auckland’s downtown waterfront, it has quickly become a symbol of Auckland’s sustainable hospitality. 

The 104-room hotel is nestled in Britomart, a precinct only a stone’s throw away from the city’s commercial hub, conference, and event venues. In downtime while attending events, business and conference guests are treated to a celebration of the best of New Zealand, surrounded by over 65 eateries and retailers. 

Being the first hotel in the country to receive a green rating involved whole-hearted decision making towards sustainable choices.  

First New Zealand hotel to receive a 5 Star Green Design and Build certification  

Almost 80% of material waste generated from the build was re-used or recycled, and all timbers were sustainably sourced. Low energy LED lights were used throughout the building, all taps and toilets have a 4- or 5-star water-saving rating, and low or zero volatile organic compound paints, stains and finishes were used to improve interior air quality. 

Not satisfied with a sustainable construction alone, The Hotel Britomart devotes their efforts to ensuring sustainability is at the heart of day-to-day operations.  

“We're dedicated to finding ways to continually improve and grow in the sustainability space, and are always seeking accreditations we can gain to bolster our work,” says David Oliveri, the hotel’s Executive Assistant Manager.  

“We measure all our decisions and daily operations into four key pillars for change, those being water, waste, energy and carbon emissions. They all form part of our goals and reduction plans to ensure that we are operationally sustainable.” 

Taps and toilets have a 4- or 5-star water-saving rating

Employee uniforms are locally produced and can be re-dyed, recycled or composted. Hotel mattresses are recycled when they are replaced, and all toiletries provided to guests are New Zealand made, naturally derived and offered in refillable, recyclable bottles. Guests also enjoy 100% organic cotton towels and linen, duvets and pillows made from a microfibre derived from recycled plastic bottles, and slippers that can be composted at the end of their use.   

Conference and business guests enjoy a distinctly New Zealand stay, surrounded by quality local fashion, hospitality, wellness treatments and, of course, food.  

90% of items locally produced 

Kingi, the hotel’s restaurant, is a celebration of anything sustainable when it comes to local seafood, using unique methods and creative techniques to utilise as much of their produce as they can. 

“Knowing that hospitality isn’t the easiest industry to practice sustainability in, we like to be an advocate for change and work with our suppliers and guests to make sustainable choices,” says David.  

Almost 80% of material waste generated from the build re-used or recycled 

“We’ve proudly worked alongside our suppliers to ensure that 95% of all deliveries are plastic free and that 90% of items we procure are New Zealand procured or supplied.” 

All in all, The Hotel Britomart’s operations result in 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a building that meets the minimum requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.  

As the winner of Best Sustainable Business at the New Zealand Hospitality Awards and holding a Qualmark New Zealand Environmental Gold Rating, The Hotel Britomart are certainly doing something right.  

10 storeys, 99 guest rooms and 5 luxury The Landing Suites 

“We make very purposeful decisions that mean international business guests can enjoy themselves in Auckland while attending their event, but do so while caring for the environment and making small sustainable choices.” 

“At The Hotel Britomart, we feel a sense of responsibility as an accommodation provider to do our part for the environment. As a team, we look long term to continue to evolve our sustainability focus to help future generations and the planet they’ll call home.” 

The Hotel Britomart are a member of the Auckland Convention Bureau and work closely with us to provide sustainable accommodation options for business event organisers and their attendees, making any event extra special. 

Learn more about Hotel Britomart here or talk to our team to see how Auckland Convention Bureau can help you make your next event a success.