Health Tech

Deal size 

NZ$10 – 15M 

Min Investment - NZ$750,000 

Looking for 

The ideal investor will have experience in eyecare, ophthalmic device manufacturing or private insurance with connections into eyecare markets overseas. We would also consider high net worth investors or strategic partners who would assist us with commercialisation and export of this product.

Summary 2_Toku_eyes_364x218.png

An artificial intelligence (AI) enabled clinical test that diagnoses diabetic retinopathy with 99.8% accuracy. This solution will double the vision health check capacity for eyecare professionals while reducing the cost to them by one third. More patients can be examined & accurately diagnosed, leading to shorter wait times for clinical treatment. Optometrists and opthalmologists can then spend more time selling glasses and applying medical interventions (injections, surgical operations etc) so that all patients get a faster, better patient outcome. This also optimises the clinicians’ revenue base.


Toku Eyes was founded by a bioengineer (Vaghefi) and an ophthalmologist (Squirrell), who are both extremely passionate about improving eyecare standards, through personal life experiences. Together, they designed, created and verified THEIA as an AI that automates vision health check and eliminates the need for clinical interaction for 75% of patients. In doing so, THEIA creates opportunities in Optometry and Ophthalmology for cost savings and increased patient throughput.


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To find out more about this opportunity please contact Suzanne McKinnon