Employment intensive industries that create the look and feel of Auckland.

From economic infrastructure to brand and global positioning, these are the industries that help create Auckland’s identity, and make working and living here possible.

At a glance

$8 billion of Auckland’s GDP
$120 million in exports
123,000 jobs

What are they?


Investment attraction.
Workforce support:

  • JobFest
  • Employers Pledge
  • Build Auckland Campaign.

Domestic tourism

Domestic campaigns, including:

  • The Show Never Stops
  • More to Explore.

Major events, including:

  • Pasifika
  • Diwali
  • Downer NRL Auckland Nines
  • ITM Auckland SuperSprint
  • New Zealand International Film Festival
  • New Zealand Fashion Week
  • NZ International Comedy Festival
  • Splore Music and Arts Festival
  • ASB Classic.

Domestic education

Why are they important?

Employment intensive

Our Enabling Industries are employment intensive, meaning they employ a large number of Aucklanders. This provides our city with its basic economic infrastructure, such as a transport, communications, financial intuitions and markets, and distribution networks.

Builds Auckland’s identity

Strong enabling industries help to build our city’s image and brand – and how we’re seen on the global stage.