Tools and resources, strategic plans and brochures to help you learn about Auckland’s economy.

Research resources

Auckland innovation dashboard

Track Auckland’s innovation performance and see how we compare against other international innovation hubs.

Auckland business monitor

Interactive data tool produced by Figure New Zealand highlighting key findings from the Auckland Business Monitor

Statistics New Zealand: Data for Business

Explore Statistics New Zealand’s interactive data portal covering market trends, demographics, import and exports.

Auckland Unitary Plan GIS Tool

Use this interactive tool to get a spatial overview of the proposed land zoning under the Auckland Unitary plan.

Strategies and plans

Auckland Plan

Learn how Auckland will be shaped over the next 30 years. Find information about the City Rail Link, the Unitary Plan, the Southern Initiative, Tamaki transformation and get Auckland Plan implementation updates.

Auckland Economic Development Strategy

Read about the vision for Auckland and our strategy to make Auckland an internationally prosperous city.

Auckland Innovation Plan

The Auckland Innovation Plan outlines the priorities and actions needed to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in our city.


Auckland ICT Sector

Auckland food and beverage sector [UPDATE LINK]