Kiribati Village Programme 2021

Mauri, meet Charles Enoka Kiata the Village Cultural Advisor for Kiribati Village.

Charles Enoka Kiata hails from the ancestral home islands of Butaritari, Tarawa and Banaba in the sovereign Republic of Kiribati, in the Central Pacific. Charles was bred in the capital Tarawa and migrated to New Zealand with his family since 2002 and lives in Ranui, West Auckland. Charles is a community person wearing many hats both in the Kiribati and Pacific communities’ organizations and sits on several governing boards in Auckland. He has great passions with experiences and enjoys serving Pacific voluntary organizations and especially the Kiribati communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. Charles is the Kiribati Village Cultural Advisor for Pasifika Festival and a newly appointed Treasurer of the Pasifika Festival Governance Board.




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