Learn from the best – sharpen your skills in the kitchen at the Auckland Seafood School! Jon Lau and Sayan Hirayama reflect back on their experience.

Chef Christopher Rendell and Jon Lau at Auckland Seafood School

Jon Lau: Does your diet consist of cup noodles and microwaved food? Well, I can definitely relate! However, after my recent experience at the Auckland Seafood School I have learnt to cook some new dishes. We had an amazing time attending a seafood cooking class – a truly educational experience for everyone. The class was held at Wynyard Quarters’ Auckland Fish Market taught by the esteemed Chef Christopher Rendell.

Sayan Hirayama: Our cooking class began with a 45-minute demonstration from Chef Christopher Rendell. Throughout the demonstration, the chef explained the cooking methods and tips for preparing the ingredients. We got to taste the food that we’ll be cooking and that got us excited because it tasted so good! Above the demonstration table there was a big mirror, which helped all the participants to see what was happening throughout the cooking demonstration. Very useful!

The chef-tutors at Auckland Seafood School

Jon Lau: After trying the various seafood dishes, we were tasked with preparing the ingredients from scratch. Although we didn’t have too much cooking experience, Chef Rendell and the team kindly helped us throughout the entire process from chopping to frying.

Sayan Hirayama: Now for the highlight of the day. After cooking, we plated our dishes, and then sampled the food that we had cooked throughout the class. We had a great selection of wine to choose from to pair with our dish, which really perfected our dining experience at the end. I learnt basic cooking skills from a well-regarded chef, and discovered some amazing Kiwi seafood dishes I can cook from home.

Sayan Hirayama carries two beautifully presented seafood dishes

Jon Lau: The whole demonstration was really exciting for me. Everyone was so kind and accommodating, we felt comfortable straight away and the best part was that we were learning while having fun. Auckland Seafood School caters to people from all age groups with prices varied accordingly. Bring your friends, partner, colleagues or even have a family outing and learn a new dish or two!



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