We started our evening at a Japanese restaurant called Daikoku.

Studying in Auckland there is a great social life

Sayan Hirayama: This restaurant menu has a combination of both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. They offer a variety of Japanese meals, such as ramen, Japanese-style steak, sushi and sashimi.   

Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed that there was a combination of normal seating and traditional Japanese-style seats. Tatami are made of straw and rush, and you sit on the ground. I felt like I was in my grandmother’s house in Japan again! 

I ordered the Mixed tempura platter for my entrée and Teriyaki Salmon for the main. 

Tempura is a piece of lightly battered fried seafood and vegetable. I learnt that it was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese during the 16th Century. Tempura is commonly served as a main dish, side dish or as a topping for rice bowls, or soba noodle dishes. Because I’m from Japan, I understand how difficult it is to make authentic Japanese tempura. I was delighted to find that the batter of the tempura I had here was very thin, which is just the way I like it! 

Restaurant month is a great social time for the student budget

The Teriyaki Salmon was also very good. The salmon dish was very rich, and the combination of salmon and teriyaki sauce was perfect. This dish was served alongside a salad, miso soup and rice.  The dressing they used for the salad was sesame sauce, which was a surprise, but I was so happy to have that in Auckland! Both the miso soup and rice were great, I felt like I had travelled back to Japan while I was in the restaurant. 

Leticia Campos: The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the restaurant was the traditional Japanese decorations – I felt like I was back in Japan!  Then I noticed the small tables (Chabudai) where people sit on the mat cross legged while they eat, I’ve never seen this before!  

Restaurant month is a great social time for the student budget

I ordered the Salmon Sashimi platter for my entrée and Teriyaki Chicken for the main. 

Both the sashimi and teriyaki chicken tasted amazing! I haven’t had miso soup before, but I really liked it! Sayan commented that the dishes tasted the same as back home in Japan, so I knew we were having authentic Japanese food. Again, I felt like Auckland is such a multicultural region, where people from all over the world reside. There are so many options for different kinds of cuisines – I am always spoilt for choice!


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