Introducing Study Auckland student ambassador Danilo Pigosso Volpe from Brazil.

Danilo Pigosso Volpe - Study Auckland student ambassador
Danilo is studying a Post Graduate in IT at Eastern Institute of Technology.

Kia ora Danilo, what do you love about Auckland city?

The parks and the green areas are amazing. The conservation initiatives Auckland has in place to take care of the region’s natural environment really appeals to me.

What kind of new relationships did you make as a student in Auckland?

I arrived in Auckland one year ago and since then, I have made friends from all around the globe who are now part of my ‘adopted’ family. I’ve made relationships with people from Russia, Ukraine, India, Nepal and China. Each person I met has made my life a lot more interesting and I never feel lonely. A cold summer beer near the Auckland Harbour Bridge never disappoints either!
Through my networks and building new relationships, I have had the opportunity to work as a manager in a restaurant, which I enjoy a lot.

What has been your favourite experience in Auckland?

My first work experience in Auckland was to be a waiter in a Rugby game, New Zealand vs Australia. This was after a week of my arrival, so I was delighted with everything! The NZ Haka, Rugby game and culture just blew me away. Attending events at University and spending Christmas with the new friends I made here in Auckland were all amazing experiences.

Fun fact about yourself?

My last name means Fox, I have a birth mark as a puzzle on my ears. Some people say that I look like Mr Bean.