Introducing Study Auckland student ambassador Shiruo Hu (Leslie) from China.

Shiruo Hu (Leslie) - Study Auckland student ambassador
Leslie is studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media and Korean at the University of Auckland.

Kia ora Leslie, what do you love about Auckland city?

I like the diverse cultures in Auckland. There is less racial discrimination, strangers will greet each other when they meet, which is very rare in many countries.

What kind of new relationships did you make as a student in Auckland?

Learning English in Auckland has enabled me to become more sociable and make friends from different countries. The most important relationship I made in New Zealand was with my New Zealand family (homestay), who looked after me as though they are my birth parents.

What has been your favourite experience in Auckland?

I went bungee jumping from the Sky Tower - it was awesome!

Fun fact about yourself?

I love learning languages and trying new food from different cultures.