Introducing Study Auckland student ambassador Saurab Lama from Nepal.

Student ambassador Saurab Lama
Saurab is a postgraduate student in the Master of Energy programme at the University of Auckland.

Kia ora Saurab, what do you love about Auckland city?

It is the smorgasbord of things that you can do all over the city. Every corner in the city offers something unique. You can go do some of the hikes around the Auckland Domain, One Tree Hill and Mt Eden (I hope to do the Auckland Coast-to-coast walk soon) or you can take a ferry to some of the gorgeous islands around the city or if one feels rather adventurous bungee jump off of the Sky Tower; there is always something to do here. Or if one feels like trying out some of the local and international cuisines on offer in one of the many eateries in the city – I think the culture here is so diverse and I feel this city offers a great microcosm of New Zealand as a whole, diverse but everything contributing to the overall beauty of the city. That for me is what I love about this city.

What kind of new relationships did you make as a student in Auckland?

I have been able to form some really close and strong friendships here during my short stay in Auckland so far – with fellow people from all over the world. I really like being a part of an international community and I feel extremely lucky and privileged that Auckland has enabled me to be part of one. I think the fact that all of us being from different parts of the world, all in a different city in a different country, but with similar aims, ambitions and interests has definitely helped forge strong friendships and camaraderie together.
I also do have to admit that it has been a fair while since I got to be inside a classroom/lecture environment. So, it is always nice to see be in the midst of some of the best and brightest minds in New Zealand, sharing ideas and knowledge and it is always great to be part of one of the top universities in the world.

What has been your favourite experience in Auckland?

There have been quite a number of experiences that I would consider to be some of my favourites - the walks around the Domain, the hikes around the volcanic mountains and the regional parks, the ferry and bus rides around the city and even my University. However, if I had to pick one though, it’d probably have to be me exploring the city on my very first week in Auckland. Let’s just call it how it had been; I pretty much got lost in the city, but that is a good think I feel. All the new sights and sounds of the city completely took a hold of me and I ended up getting lost in my first day in the city. I was completely mesmerised and blown away by the city.
I sometimes still get lost.

Fun fact about yourself?

I do not know whether this qualifies as a fun fact, but I do not put any sugar in any my beverage(s), tea or coffee. That’s mostly because that way I can have more chocolate/cake/ice-cream.