17,000km is a very long way to come to start a new life, but that's exactly what Tetiana Perevernykhata, a senior developer at Xero and her husband did two years ago.

Tetiana believes it's one of the best decisions she's ever made. 

After graduating in Ukraine and working for three years as a developer, Tetiana, and her husband embarked on a life-changing move to Auckland. Tetiana says New Zealand was an obvious choice for her. "New Zealand to me is like a big dream, it's an extremely beautiful country. I like all the nature here, I like the culture as well – this is very important to me." 

Tetiana says adapting to life in Auckland was surprisingly simple. "It was unexpectedly easy to adjust to life here, people are very friendly and you feel at home. The culture is incredibly different to other places I've been - it's much friendlier here. It's much easier to talk to people. If you need some help, you have a lot of people ready to help and support you." 

Tetiana became aware of the hugely successful New Zealand software company Xero after talking to people in the industry and hearing about what the company did. She liked what she heard and put her CV forward for a role.  

"I met a few people before from Xero and had also heard talk about Xero as a company, how they support people and the technologies that they use. I was really impressed. I decided it would be the perfect place for me to continue my career and my growth". 

Xero is a multi-award winning company that provides cloud-based accounting solutions to small-medium sized business all over the world. It has achieved phenomenal global success since it was formed in 2006  and now has offices across the globe, more than 2000 employees and recognition as one of the fastest growing ‘software as a service' companies globally. Forbes listed Xero as the world's Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015.   

For Tetiana, it's the culture at Xero that she loves. 

"I like it very much, the transition was very smooth. I get lots of support from my team members and managers, they help me to adapt. They help me develop my technical skills and I can see I can grow my career while I'm here."  

"You don't have pressure or stress, definitely you have deadlines and some of the work can be challenging but you have a lot of support around you". 

With a great new career with Xero, Tetiana stresses that moving to Auckland is a fantastic decision and anyone considering it should take the plunge.  

"I am definitely sure that they should come to New Zealand. I would never change my decision, it was very smooth and a very great experience and I'm very glad that I took this chance to move. I hope that they won't be afraid to make this change – it will be a great change in their life!". 

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