Fulton Hogan is a successful, long-standing New Zealand infrastructure company that truly believes family comes first. It is looking for degree-qualified Project Managers and Project Engineers to join its Auckland team.

A one-stop contracting solution

14 men posed in front of a camera from 80 years ago

Jules Fulton and Bob Hogan started building roads in New Zealand’s South Island over 80 years ago. Teamwork and a desire to get things done has led to Fulton Hogan’s incredible expansion. 

Today, along with building roads and bridges across Australasia, Fulton Hogan is an airport pavement specialist, servicing two-thirds of airports across New Zealand and Australia. It also has proven expertise in building and maintaining infrastructure for port, rail, water, energy and communications.

Fulton Hogan produces and transports its own construction products, including the concrete and asphalt used to build its roads. Rarely using sub-contractors to deliver its projects, Fulton Hogan prides itself on being one of the only few true contractors in New Zealand. 


Family-first culture

With nearly 8000 employees, the notion of family runs deep at Fulton Hogan and underpins its culture. 

Natasha Holloway, the company’s HR Manager says, “The culture at Fulton Hogan is unbelievable. Everyone has your back, 100 percent. We’re all friends and there’s a real feeling of family.” 

Many members of the Fulton family continue to be involved in the business to this day, including Jules Fulton, grandson and namesake of founder Jules Fulton, who is Head of Culture and Engagement for New Zealand and Australia. 

Fulton Hogan’s family-first culture can be attributed to the values of the Fulton and Hogan families themselves. Natasha explains, “They’re people with big families, they’re about getting the work done but at end of the day, life is short and they want people to enjoy time with their loved ones outside work. To them that’s the most important thing in life, so why shouldn’t it be for their employees?”

Natasha speaks from personal experience. Two years ago, she took the advice of a colleague and booked a one-way ticket to Auckland from her home in Manchester, United Kingdom. Natasha says it is the best thing she ever did.

“I get to leave work at 1:00pm on Friday, jump in my car and within a couple of hours I’m somewhere amazing. It’s like paradise. I’m excelling in my career and I’m having a great weekend as well. It’s absolutely perfect for me!” 

Fulton Hogan want you to join their family

Plane on the runway at Auckland airport

The company’s continued success means it is on the lookout for experienced, degree-qualified Project Managers and Project Engineers to join its 1000-strong team in Auckland.

You’ll be joining a team that represents over 47 nationalities, working in a relaxed, supportive and fun environment. People at Fulton Hogan work hard but there’s also an understanding that there’s more to life than just work. You’re encouraged to get the balance right, including leaving early on a Friday to spend time with your family.

Fulton Hogan compliments this balanced lifestyle with the promise of interesting and challenging work.

As a trusted and preferred contractor to Auckland Airport, Fulton Hogan is involved in the significant changes Auckland Airport is undertaking to accommodate the city’s growing visitor numbers. 

It is also working on the large and complex Northern Corridor improvement project, a project of national significance that is attracting construction specialists from overseas to Auckland. 

Bring your bright ideas to Auckland

According to Natasha, one of the best things about working for Fulton Hogan is how open the company is to fresh thinking. 

“We love new ideas! We’re always looking for better, more efficient, safer ways of doing things. Twice a year we have the Einstein Awards where we recognise the best new ideas across the company. Fresh thinking is really rewarded here.”

Are you a fresh thinker with bright ideas that’s also seeking work-life balance? Check out the Fulton Hogan roles on the job board.

Auckland is looking for top talent

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