New Zealand tech company Optimation uses smart technology to produce and maintain end-to-end digital technology solutions

- from developing complex systems to keep their clients’ ahead of the competition, to designing smart phone apps that improve and enhance peoples’ lives. Referred to as Optimates, Optimation’s diverse team of IT specialists have an agile, people-centred approach that underpins its unique culture.

A lofty goal
Optimation team sitting around a table having a meeting

When Neil Butler founded Optimation 27 years ago, his goal was to create a smarter, more agile IT solution offering, to compete against the multi-national giants that dominated the market at the time. 

Optimation’s first client was the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). In a truly transformational project, Optimation implemented its own Unix-based communications software, connecting game-changing open systems technology to mainframes, dramatically lowering the IRD’s costs.
From here, Optimation quickly gained strong and proven expertise in delivering equally complex solutions to public sector and government clients. 

Nearly 30 years on and Optimation has completed large-scale projects for many high-profile clients, both in the public and private sector. 

Projects include designing and developing a solution for the Ministry of Education to help get 105,000 Kiwi kids to school safely each day, the delivery of 3000 work programmes for Vodafone and a smart phone application for the Department of Corrections, designed to improve compliance with bail conditions, leading to reduced reoffending and safer communities. 

Working with public sector clients meant that as well as streamlining processes and driving better business, Optimation was able to improve and enhance people’s lives through its use of technology. 

Debora Cardoso, Optimation’s Business Marketing Coordinator explains how this people-centred approach influences Optimation’s culture, “Our culture was not forced, it grew organically. We became a company that believes in using technology to help people and for the greater good.”

Positive change in the workplace
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Optimation employs 140 people across New Zealand and Australia. In Auckland, its team of 22 people represents over 15 nationalities.

Adding to this diversity is the surge of women working in IT. Across New Zealand, women represent 23 per cent of the IT workforce, at Optimation that figure has grown to over 34 per cent. This increase, along with the arrival of millennials in the workplace, has been a positive and welcomed change. 

The size and scale of the business means that people can contribute across an entire project without being restricted by an established hierarchy and processes. 

Debora comments, “We are very collaborative, we communicate a lot. At Optimation, you don’t just work as a developer or in IT support, stuck on repetitive everyday tasks. You get to do a little bit of everything”.

A spotlight on wellness
camera looking down on a table with the Optimation team playing lego

Optimation’s focus on improving lives starts with its own employees. Optimation has a dynamic wellbeing programme that is interactive and customisable, recognising that wellness means different things to different people depending on age, life stage and interests. 

Referring to employees as Optimates, Optimation embraces and values the strength that comes from diversity. The Optimation office in Auckland has been designed to support collaboration and encourage a sense of fun.

Become an Auckland Optimate

With exciting projects in the pipeline, Optimation is looking for Solutions Architects, IT Security Specialists and Developers across all levels.

Candidates can expect a flexible interview process where the conversation will be about the company, the projects and the culture, just as much as it will be about you and your skills. The emphasis on a cultural fit is imperative. 

Debora says, “Technical skills are obviously important however, I would say cultural fit is even more important.”

Once onboard, you’ll be supported with Optimation’s ‘Welcome to New Zealand’ programme and an Optimation Buddy, who will provide advice and guidance to help you to settle into your new place of work and city.

Debora came to Auckland four years ago from Brazil. She talks enthusiastically about the balance between outstanding opportunities to grow and develop your career and the incredible lifestyle on offer. 

“Auckland has so many career networking opportunities, conferences and seminars within the IT industry, at the same time we can go to a beach, hike on a volcano or enjoy Auckland’s thriving restaurant scene! This balance is really attractive.”

Auckland is looking for top talent

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