A history at the forefront of technology in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s leading digital services company, Spark New Zealand has a proud history extending back to the 1800s where the company started life delivering early telecommunications to New Zealanders.

Always at the forefront of technology in New Zealand, Spark became an internet services provider in 1986, and launched New Zealand’s first mobile network a year later. 

Today, Spark has become a bold and disruptive digital services provider, delivering mobile and fixed-line telecommunication solutions, as well as ultra-fast broadband and live sports and entertainment streaming. 

With its sights firmly on the future, Spark is helping New Zealand businesses to harness the power of 5G with their 5G test lab and using IoT to deliver game-changing, real-time data

Spark’s purpose to ‘help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world’ can be applied to any part of its rich history, and to this day remains at the heart of everything it does.

An agile rhythm 

Spark is New Zealand's first large firm to embrace agile

In a radical organisational transformation, last year Spark became New Zealand’s first large-scale organisation to embrace Agile. Agile is an approach to doing business that enables flexibility, putting the focus firmly on the customer. 

Although it’s not a new concept, what is ground-breaking is the scale and breadth of Spark’s approach. Agile has been incorporated into every facet of Spark’s sizeable operation. 

Agile has propelled Spark’s customer-centric culture forward by driving decision-making down the chain, changing the rhythm within the company. 

Todd Parker, Spark Corporate Relations Partner explains, “I’ve seen the rhythm of the organisation really speed up because there’s no bureaucracy and chain of command. If you remove unnecessary processes and bureaucracy we’ve discovered you naturally become more customer focused.”

Spark’s Agile approach reaches beyond changes to process. Spark recognised that to truly embrace Agile, its physical working environment had to change. And so, across Spark offices walls were literally torn down and spaces were created that encourage and enhance collaboration. 

With the removal of hierarchy, lengthy processes and more than a few walls, Spark has effectively created an environment for an empowered team of people to make a real difference every day. 

Endless career opportunities with an authentic, genuine culture

There are endless job opportunities for you in Auckland's tech sector

If you were to walk around Spark City, Spark’s purpose-built office space in the heart of Auckland, you’d witness a real emotional connection and energy. People get together throughout the day around whiteboards with Post-it notes, engaging and working together to solve problems. Long-gone are the pre-Agile days of people sitting in silo, staring at computer screens. 

There’s a genuine sense of being progressive and driving change - to not only be at the forefront of technology, but to help New Zealanders. 

It’s a warm, friendly and inclusive culture – which is no mean feat for an organisation with 5384 employees across New Zealand, 51 per cent of whom are based in Auckland. But as Anna McHardy, Spark Human Resource Partner says, “It doesn’t seem like a huge organisation, you get both sides of the coin here – the opportunities that our size and scale bring, but it also feels really authentic and friendly”.  

Spark mirrors Auckland's excitement and diversity.

People from all over the world call Auckland home, Todd comments, “Auckland is a melting pot of cultures and colour. And that’s reflective of Spark – we’re diverse and exciting just like Auckland”. 

With an Auckland workforce from across the globe, Spark whole-heartedly celebrates diversity and inclusion. Anna remarks, “It’s more than just gender or ethnicity, it’s about allowing people to feel like they can bring their whole selves to work”.  

Spark also values the diversity of thought and ideas that overseas candidates bring – inspiring and innovating the company to push beyond what it thought was possible. Right now, it is looking to add to that diversity in its Auckland office with talented and experienced developers, network engineers, solution consultants, security engineers, design consultants, project managers, service desk analysts, and cyber security analysts. 

As you’d expect, Spark’s recruitment process is also Agile – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, rather one that fits your needs. From interviewing to relocation packages and support when you arrive, your manager will look at what you require and tailor their approach to suit. 

If you would like to see if there is a role for you at Spark check out LinkedIn.

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