Auckland’s leading environmental and engineering consultancy needs you.

In 1956, Ralph Tonkin and Don Taylor met while working on the construction of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, arguably the city’s most iconic structure. Three years later they established a company together.

It was an auspicious beginning for what is now New Zealand’s leading environmental and engineering consultancy, Tonkin + Taylor, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and the wider Asia Pacific region.

A different way of working

Tonkin + Taylor also leads the way with its ownership model – 100 per cent employee-owned since 1981.

Auckland-based Pierre Malan, Natural Resources Discipline Director and Geotechnical Engineer with Tonkin + Taylor regards this as the company’s number one strength.

Pierre says, “We are proudly and enthusiastically employee-owned, we share collectively in the success or failure of the business. You’re sitting alongside people who are invested in long-term outcomes which drives a sense of longer-term thinking”.

It’s this collectivism and investment that inspires a culture of excellence and feeds into the mission statement which centres around taking care of the business to hand it on to the next generation.

Clearly not afraid to do things differently, Tonkin + Taylor operates a non-hierarchical, organic structure. Teams of specialists are created to suit each project, meaning a person’s role could vary from project to project and client to client.

“It’s not necessarily like a large multinational where you might have a very defined role. Here, you need to be agile which can open up huge opportunities,” Pierre explains.

Opportunities for talented construction specialists

As a result of its ongoing success, Tonkin + Taylor is continuously on the lookout for talented people to join its team here in Auckland - from specialists in civil engineering, coastal engineering, coastal science and ecology right through to environmental engineering, environmental science, structural engineering and water resource engineering.

If you’re a passionate, articulate self-starter you’ll find yourself at home here. Pierre describes the company as friendly and welcoming, despite its size. People make friends quickly here.

Tonkin + Taylor actively support new employees through their first few weeks and help them find accommodation and settle into their new city.

And with over 40 nationalities represented on the team, there is plenty of support for people making the move to Auckland.

“There are many people here with that experience already who are willing to share their experience with their colleagues and help walk them through some of the fishhooks that you can encounter when you relocate across the globe,” Pierre says.

There’s a wide variety of challenging and interesting work, providing support across civil, environmental, geotechnical and water resources engineering for both private and public clients.

Exciting work and a lifestyle to match

Here in its Auckland office, a diverse 400-strong team work on many of Auckland’s highest profile projects including Commercial Bay and the recently completed Waterview connection. Upcoming projects include Auckland’s City Rail Link, which at NZ$4.4 billion is the largest piece of infrastructure ever to be procured in New Zealand, and Piritahi, an innovative and large-scale initiative that streamlines land development and delivers new and improved infrastructure for the people of Auckland.

Of course, it’s not just about the career opportunities. It’s also important to get a feeling for the type of lifestyle that’s on offer.

Enjoying a year-round temperate climate, Auckland is surrounded by 3702kms of pristine coastline and flanked by stunning native bush. You can enjoy a swim in the harbour at lunchtime or take a kayak out fishing after work. After the sun has gone down, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in Auckland’s vibrant nightlife and world-class food scene.

With its thriving construction sector and an enviable lifestyle, Pierre describes Auckland as a world-class city that’s getting better and better.

Auckland is looking for top talent

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