Auckland company Zenith Tecnica is harnessing innovative Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printing technology to deliver cutting-edge titanium products to the world.

The possibilities for Zenith Tecnica’s future are endless, which makes now the perfect time to join the team.

Zero to space in five years

No customers, no confirmed projects, not even a clearly defined market. Armed with nothing but an unwavering belief in a ground-breaking idea, Zenith Tecnica was born in Auckland in 2014. 

Five short years later, that belief has paid off. Today Zenith Tecnica has firmly established itself as a global leader in titanium additive manufacturing for the aerospace, medical, motorsport and marine sectors. 

Zenith Tecnica’s 3D printed titanium parts can be found in everything from US satellites orbiting the earth, Air New Zealand aircraft, state-of-the-art medical instruments, knee and hip implants - and if that isn’t impressive enough, you’ll also find Zenith Tecnica’s titanium parts in America’s Cup yachts and Formula One race cars.

Not bad for five years’ work.

Pushing the boundaries

Zenith Tecnica is harnessing innovative Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printing technology to deliver cutting-edge titanium products to the world.

As a material, titanium is incredibly light, robust, non-corrosive and, importantly for the medical sector, biocompatible. Combine these attributes with the power of Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology, which Zenith Tecnica uses to melt titanium powder one thin layer at a time fusing the particles together, even the most intricate and complex designs can be bought to life, and quickly. 

Aligning itself with organisations willing to test the limits, including Air New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand, means Zenith Tecnica is constantly challenged to push the boundaries of what is possible in design and manufacturing, achieving results never seen before. 

Zenith Tecnica’s Business Development Manager Dr Bruno Le Razer comments, “We work with customers to design new types of products that were not possible previously. For example, we’ve built instruments for a medical company and we’ve added a new mesh feature which is totally new and has never been able to be done”.



A focus on quality puts Zenith Tecnica in a world of its own

Recognising that it was by far one of the smallest and least financially resourced companies in this field globally, it was imperative for Zenith Tecnica to find a niche to set itself apart. 

A decision was made to focus heavily on quality. After undergoing an intense certification process involving rigorous testing and re-testing of its processes and products, Zenith Tecnica achieved certification in both the medical and aerospace markets. 

This certification puts Zenith Tecnica in an elite club; only three other organisations worldwide have the same level of certification. With over 900 of its components already successfully tested, the door has opened to markets most other international companies can only dream of. 

Along with this focus on quality, Zenith Tecnica embarks on every project with a collaborative, creative approach that involves each of the 12-strong Auckland team.  

Le Razer comments, “Yes we have job titles but we’re a small team and everyone has to be flexible. Someone might be in the office one day designing parts and the next day they might be in the workshop doing physical manual work”. 

Together they work to discover new and innovative solutions that no one ever thought possible. 

Le Razer adds, “That’s what attracted me when I joined the team here. We’re pushing innovation and we must find ways of competing against much bigger companies in the same field with a lot more money and far more equipment. On paper they might be better, but we think creatively to find other ways of using the machines”. 

There’s a real sense of challenge and excitement, and the scope for future applications across diverse markets is endless.

Join the Zenith Tecnica on the next stage of its journey

Zenith Tecnica is based on Auckland’s North Shore, where stunning beaches, bustling bars and restaurants are never far away. Thanks to recently signed client contracts there are plans for expansion. Right now, Zenith Tecnica are on the lookout for clever, creative people in all areas of the business, from the workshop to designers and project managers in the office. 

Joining a friendly international team, including French, Americans and  Kiwis, you’ll be part of a talented group that thrives on thinking outside the box to deliver exceptional outcomes for its clients. 

Le Razer adds, “We’re not necessarily looking for the brightest people mechanically, but the brightest people with the right ideas. Creative people that have been building things in their garage will fit in here!”. 

Zenith Tecnica is harnessing innovative Electron Beam Melting (EBM) 3D printing technology to deliver cutting-edge titanium products to the world.

Originally from France, Le Razer made the smart move to Auckland in 2016 with his family. He loves getting the best of both worlds in Auckland, “It’s so good to be in a large city but be so close to the beach! Auckland is a big city with a great atmosphere, it doesn’t feel like so many other big cities around the world”. 
With a bright future ahead, now’s the perfect time to consider joining Le Razer and many others who’ve made the smart move to Auckland. Discover the opportunities available and more of what Auckland has to offer here.