Alphacrucis International College

English Language Schools in Auckland

The Department of English Studies is a vibrant part of Alphacrucis International College.

Learners of English from diverse nationalities and different backgrounds stream into the institution with the desire to speak and write better English as well as to read listen to more English.

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We offer courses from starter English right up to Upper Intermediate English to prepare learners for tertiary courses. There is a purposeful building of English language skills that motivates learners to aim and move higher steadily and consistently.

There is a sense of growth, extension and satisfaction in their use of the language they long to master. Graduates of English Courses can pursue the next level of English, look for a job or enrol in a diploma or an undergraduate.


60 Rockfield Road,
Auckland 1061

International Students Office

Jayaraj ARUL SAMJI [ JAY ]
Marketing Manager | Student Recruitment
DDI: 0064 9 3921179
Mobile: 0064 22 4151179
Team Email:
Skype - jaiasam | Wechat - jaiasam | whatsapp - 0064224151179

Kejia XU [Erin]
International Relationship Manager
DDI” 0064 9 5801500 [extn:237]
Mobile: 0064 22 5121985
Team Email:
Skype- alphacruciscollege | wechat - erin.jaya