Arahoe School is large primary school situated in the suburb of New Lynn in beautiful Waitakere, the beautiful western side of Auckland, New Zealand. New Lynn is a fast growing urban area twenty minutes’ drive from the Auckland City centre.

We are a co-educational state school which caters for children from 5–11 years of age. The school is governed by an able and future focused board of Trustees.

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As a school we strive to ensure that all of our children achieve well in all curriculum areas. Emphasis is placed on developing independence and positive work habits, along with self-discipline and courtesy.

The children are involved in a broad range of activities that extend the curriculum and develop individual talents. Arahoe is set in spacious grounds and has large grassed playing areas, extensive hard surfaced areas, three all-weather adventure playgrounds, a hall, a purpose-built music room, a large library and a heated swimming pool.

Arahoe School has developed its own programme for international students, following the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s recommended document (ELLP) which is based on long term English language learning research; and the information we’ve gathered about international education through our many years of sister school partnerships with schools in Korea and China.

Our programme of English language learning, that has been refined and adapted to meet the needs of our international students, focuses on providing students with a course designed to extend their oral and written English language skills and to provide them with a unique ‘kiwi’ cultural experience.

In order for all students to enjoy their overseas learning experience, Arahoe School provides international students with an International Student Director, who has ESOL qualifications, and mainstream class teachers. Arahoe School maintains supportive relationships with international student exchange organisations and is on call 24/7 in order to ensure students’ safety and wellbeing.

Arahoe School oversees and supports the communication between teachers, friends and homestay families. All international students will be partnered with a New Zealand buddy. This helps them assimilate to a new environment and learn English quickly. Arahoe School buddies are kind and culturally compassionate students who value the opportunity to form new friendships with students from different cultural backgrounds.

From the time they are welcomed by our students with a haka powhiri until the time they are fare welled at a graduation ceremony, students will be immersed in a true ‘kiwi’ cultural experience.

We currently have 840 children attending our school. We are a multicultural school that draws from a diverse community. The main ethnic representations are: NZ European, NZ Maori, Pasifika, Indian, Chinese and other ethnicities. We have a very supportive community who enjoy welcoming international students into their homes.

Currently we welcome students from China and Korea and look forward to welcoming students from all over the world. English language learning courses are specifically tailored to the requirements of students whether enrolled at our school for a short time, (2-3 weeks) or for longer periods (1 term – 1 year) with a strong focus on developing written and oral language whilst ensuring their understanding.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is Arahoe School?

    We are located in New Lynn, which is in the Waitakere area of Auckland. Our area boasts, fine golf courses, beautiful West Coast beaches and majestic Waitakere ranges.

  • What decile is Arahoe School?

    Arahoe School is a decile 5. This means that we receive more funding from the New Zealand government than a decile 10 school and less than a decile 1 school. A schools decile ranking is not reflective of the quality of education that it offers to students. Arahoe School has been adjudged by the Education Review Office as a high performing primary school and as such is only reviewed once every 4-5 years. 1 in 5 schools fall into this category.

  • What do we have to offer International Students?

    We offer individualised English language learning programmes which focus on building a student’s capability in Reading, Writing and Spoken English.

  • How are our homestay families chosen?

    Families are invited to apply to be part of our homestay programme. All homes are visited by the Principal and Director of International students to ensure that our International Students are well looked after and cared for. All homestay carers are police vetted.

  • Is Arahoe school qualified to take International students?

    Arahoe school is a signatory to the New Zealand Government’s Code of Practice and has been hosting students for nearly 20 years.

  • Address: 11 Arahoe Road New Lynn 0600 Auckland New Zealand

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  • Phone: 098272710

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