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Auckland Institute of Studies is a private international degree-granting institution offering a range of popular undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in business, IT, hospitality and tourism in addition to teacher training and English language courses.
Auckland Institute of Studies

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The institute offers a complete package to domestic and international students seeking career opportunities in New Zealand and overseas.

AIS have two campuses located in close proximity to each other a short while away from the city centre. MBA, International Business and English teaching classrooms are found at the larger scenic St Helens campus which acts as the central hub of the institute. This campus also houses the immigration support office, dormitory, library, cafeteria, and the offices of faculty and executive teams.

IT, Tourism and Hospitality classrooms are found at the smaller, purpose-built Asquith campus. This campus houses a number of large lecture halls, sports facilities and IT labs in addition to an events venue and a large hospitality practice cafeteria. Both campuses offer plenty of free parking to students and are located near bus and train services.

Majority of students studying at the institute are international and come from a long list of countries worldwide.


Postgraduate courses include Master of Business Administration and the shorter Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration in addition to a range of specialized Graduate Diplomas in International Business, IT and Tourism Management.

Undergraduate courses include Bachelor Degrees in International Business (majors in Accounting, E-Business, International Trade, Management and Marketing), IT (majors in Software Development, Computer Networks, Information Systems and Internet Technology), Tourism Management and Hospitality Management.

In addition to Bachelor Degrees the institute offers 1- and 2-year NZ Diploma qualifications in the same 4 disciplines without specializations.

English courses include General English (full-time and part-time), English for Academic Purposes and IELTS Preparation.

The institute also offers teacher training and an internal English proficiency test TEP.

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees:
Information Technology
International Business
Hospitality Management
Tourism Management

Graduate Diplomas – Level 8:
Information Technology 
International Business
Tourism Management
Hospitality Management

Postgraduate Qualifications:
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration 
Master of Business Administration


  • PGDBA and MBA

    How long does it take to get the PGDBA or MBA?
    Approximately12 months for the PGDBA (20 taught modules), and approximately 18 months for the MBA degree (20 taught modules and a six-month dissertation, or 25 taught modules and a three-month internship, or 27 taught modules and a two-month field study).

    Is this full-time study?
    Yes, it is. However the modules are taught mostly on the weekends, with some classes held on Mondays. Tutorials and examinations are held on weekday evenings.

    Do most lecturers have a practical business background?
    Yes, most of the lecturers have both a practical and an academic background.

  • Bachelors’ Degrees in International Business / Tourism Management / Hospitality Management / Information Technology

    How many courses do I have to do for my Graduate Diploma?
    You must do seven courses for a graduate diploma in International Business or Tourism Management. You must do eight courses for a graduate diploma in Information Technology.

    How long does it take to complete a Graduate Diploma? 
    One full-time year of study. Can I get cross-credits for study at other institutions? No, cross-credits are not available for graduate diploma programmes.

  • English Language Programmes

    How do I find my class?
    Look for your name on the class rolls posted outside the cafeteria.

    How can I be promoted to a higher-level class?
    After the six-weekly test, the teacher decides who moves. If a teacher thinks you deserve to be moved between tests, or that you are finding the class too difficult, they will ask the Academic Head of the ELC about moving you.

    Can I take an IELTS class?
    Yes, if you score highly enough in the entrance test.

    I want to do more study. What can I do?
    Your teacher should give you homework regularly, but if you want to do even more, you can buy a pack of specially-prepared materials from the Accounts Department. These self-study packs come in a variety of levels, include a book and audio, and cost $8.00. The ELC uses its own textbooks. You might have some questions about the books. Here is some information that may be useful. If you have other questions, you can ask your teacher or your Student Services - Marketing officer.

    What do the textbooks cover?
    Each textbook covers five weeks of study (week Six is test week).

    How much do the textbooks cost?
    The textbook fee is $20.00 ($12.00 for General English and $8.00 for Skills English) for every six weeks of study or part thereof.

    How do I pay for my textbook?
    Most students will pay for their textbooks when they pay their fees. Some students who pay their tuition fees to agents will pay for their textbooks on their first day at AIS.

    When do I get my textbook?
    When you start in the ELC, or every time you change level.

    How do I get my textbook?
    New students get their textbook on the Monday they start at AIS. Students who change level before the six-week test can get their textbook from the ELC Administrator in room A120 in the Round building (Hannah’s office).

    Why are we using a textbook?
    The ELC textbook will give you a clear picture of the study you need to do to quickly improve your English ability. The materials used have all been designed and taught by many ELC teachers over many years, and are now provided in textbook form so that they are easier to study and keep together.

  • CertTESOL

    How long is this programme?
    The CertTESOL is a full-time, intensive eight-week programme which is taught on Mondays to Fridays. A preliminary two-week period of self-directed study is followed by six weeks of classroom-based instruction and practice.

    How many courses do we study?
    There are three courses in the CertTESOL - Basic Linguistic Concepts, English Language Teaching, and English Language Teaching Practice.


Physical Address

St Helens Campus:
28a Linwood Avenue
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025

Asquith Campus:
120 Asquith Avenue
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025

Mailing Address 
Auckland Institute of Studies
PO Box 2995
Auckland 1140

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