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​NCBT is a registered and accredited Private Training Provider of national qualifications from the New Zealand Qualification Framework.
NCBT, private training in auckland

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About NCBT

NCBT is a Private Training Establishment, approved and accredited by New Zealand Qualification Authority to provide training in diverse fields up to levels as high as level 7 and level 8 of the National Qualification Frame work. The parent company is providing approved courses in New Zealand for more than 15 years. The main business up to year 2000/01 was to develop and provide training to staff and workers of many corporate houses in New Zealand, Clients includes AMT (Ford Motor Co.), Carter, Holt Harvey, Sanitarium Foods, and Dominion Breweries to name a few.

One of the group companies, SSPA - Asia Pacific provides certification and training services to IT support centre and support centre staff in Australia. Clients include HP, Compaq, Verities, EMC and IBM among others.

NCBT is an approved MYOB training facility, Microsoft IT Academy, Prometric Testing Centre and VUE Pearson Testing Centre.

NCBT is also a signatory to the “Code of Practice for Pastoral Care for International Students” with the Ministry of Education, New Zealand.

Courses Offered at NCBT

  • Level 6 National Diploma in Business (One year Duration)

  • Level 6 Diploma in Computing Networking and Security (One year Duration)

  • Level 5 National Diploma in Computing (One year Duration)

  • Level 5 National Diploma in Business (One year Duration)

The main reasons behind the selection of these qualifications mentioned above were with a focus on NZ work place requirements and the employability of students. (Under the New Zealand immigration skilled migrant category the National Diploma Level 5 mentioned above attract 50 points plus 5 bonus points currently for a 1 year New Zealand Education).

And the other benefit being that, students get a part time work permit during the study weeks and full time work permit during summer holidays. This takes care of their course in specific areas of the economy looking for skilled personnel. (Under the new policy of New Zealand immigration these above mentioned diplomas will enable to get a 1 year “Graduate Job Search Open Work Permit” on completion of the course).

NCBT not only provides personalized training but also personalized guidance by taking limited intakes per year keeping in mind its mission of serving the student welfare needs and their future study or employment pathways.

Also at NCBT, majority of new students enroll after getting references from existing or past NCBT students, hence having a direct means of verifiable and reputable past record.

You will be pleased to know that a very high percentage of students who completed courses from NCBT have secured admissions to universities in NZ or Australia, or have got relevant jobs in NZ and are either on one or two year work permits or Permanent Residence.

What is the minimum age required to enroll in a course from India and what are the English proficiency requirements?

From India we offer places to students who are of age 18 and above (below 18 students should have some one in NZ to act as their local guardian)

- IELTS 5.5 bands or above.
**(Although NZQA has approved to take students with IELTS 5.0 for the Diploma in Computing, for students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh we follow guidelines as advised in NZIS, a band of 5.5 equivalent or above)

What are the basic costs involved for the students?

The fees for Level 5 National Diploma in Computing or National Diploma in Business is NZ $ 13520 for a course of one year.  The fees for level 6 National Diploma in Business is $15,000 and the fees for Level 6 Diploma in Networking and Security is $14,520 for a course of one year.

The other costs include:

As you are aware and it is rightly mentioned in the NZIS news letter, majority of the students coming from India and some other countries do not wish to go back to their home countries on completion of the studies, some of them want to settle in NZ permanently whereas some require international academic and professional exposure for a couple of years before going back to their home countries.

How do the course offered suit and cater to academic aspirants as well as students who want to gain employability?

Many students from India and some other countries are already highly educated and are looking for some market specific skills in a short duration resulting in them studying for 1 year then working for a couple of years and then studying further. This serves two purposes -firstly with local experience, they know what type of higher education will suit their profile or have higher demand in NZ and secondly they will not be financially dependent on their family for a longer duration. We also have several examples of students with non- technical backgrounds working in technical jobs after graduating with our Diploma in Computing.

NCBT is also in the process of forming extensive tie ups and network with companies and recruitment agencies, which helps future employability assistance of the students from the early days of their studies. By working part time on the jobs relevant to their qualification, the students, by the time they complete the course are assisted in getting a full time employment in the same or similar company.

  • $300 per annum for international student health and travel insurance

  • Cost of preparing documentation, medicals etc in the country of residence

  • Travel costs

  • Living Expenses of NZ $ 10,000- 12,000 per year


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