This short, in-work course supports your Pacific people to improve their digital literacy, skills and safety.

Empower your people to get online confidently, safely and securely, and boost their digital literacy.

How does the course work?

Future Ready: Life Online is:

  • A short (16-hour) in-work training course, delivered over 8 weeks (2 hours per week or tailored to suit your workplace)
  • Delivered by expert education providers
  • A blended course style that can be delivered on -site or via online training
  • Fully government funded 
  • Externally accredited 

 What will my employees learn?

  • How to use a digital device and software (keyboard and mouse basics)
  • Understand the internet - connect to Wi-Fi, set up email, use search engines and an introduction to websites 
  • How to stay safe online – understand secure versus non-secure sites and manage passwords 
  • Be confident and competent using workplace meeting platforms 
  • Use the internet/digital devices to gather information and connect with others 
  • Use computer technology to create and deliver a presentation 

Why does digital literacy matter in the workplace?

Boosting your employees’ digital literacy can help boost the performance of your business.

Research shows improving people’s digital skills can:

  • Improve workplace productivity by up to 38 minutes a day or $1820 per annum (1)
  • Increase staff confidence and retention
  • Decrease staff turnover
  • Give employers greater confidence to invest in new workplace technology
  • Ensure more efficient use of existing workplace IT systems.

Rebecca the Comfort Group

It’s definitely game-changing for us. It gives people the ability to get familiar with technology, to get involved with it.

Rebecca - People & Culture Manager, The Comfort Group

Read The Comfort Group's Future Ready: Life Online success story

Why does digital literacy matter to Auckland’s Pacific people?

COVID-19 has made Auckland’s entrenched inequities worse for those in the workforce, including access to technology and the internet. In Auckland, 49 per cent of Pacific peoples live in local board areas where household internet access is 83.5 per cent or less on average, compared to Auckland's overall average of 90.6 per cent (2). Empowering people to get online, use technology safely and securely, and pass this knowledge on through their aiga is important to help people be resilient and ready for the future of work.

Project Ikuna - supporting the future of Auckland’s Pacific workforce

Future Ready: Life Online is part of a four-year, MBIE-funded programme to help upskill Auckland’s Pacific workforce so people have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the future of work and the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Ready to upskill your Pacific people for the future of work?

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Register now to start your application. 

Step 2

Our team will call you to identify and discuss your learning needs. 

Step 3

We will identify the right training course for your people and connect you with a skilled education provider to deliver the programme  in your workplace. 

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Ref 1 - ‘A Summary of International Reports, Research and Case Studies of Digital Literacy’, by B Bunker (2010)

Ref 2 - 2018 NZ Census, Statistics NZ


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