This short, in-work course supports your Pacific people to improve their financial literacy, skills and confidence.

Equip your people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions, to support personal financial wellbeing, organisational performance and improved regional prosperity.

How does the course work?

Future Ready: Money Confidence is:

  • A short (16 hours) in-work training course, delivered over 8 weeks (2 hours per week or tailored to suit your workplace)
  • Delivered on-site or online, by expert education providers
  • No cost - fully government funded
  • Externally accredited - employees gain a micro-credential

What will my people learn?

  • How to better manage their income
  • How to set a personal financial goal, identify and describe the steps taken towards achieving that goal
  • Record daily personal expenses and income for personal budgeting
  • Information about basic financial management
  • Apply basic financial management skills to increase personal savings, reduce debt or make other sound personal financial decisions

Why does financial literacy matter in the workplace?

Personal financial wellbeing and organisational performance are connected:

  • 46% of employees worry about their finances
  • 83% of employers say money problems interfere with productivity
  • 20hrs a month lost to sorting personal finance worries
  • 58% of employers report “financial illness” drives absenteeism



It wasn’t just another training programme, this was literally life-changing for these individuals, and you could see that.

Ruth - HR Manager, Van Den Brink Poultry

Read Van Den Brink Poultry's Future Ready: Money Confidence success story

Why does financial literacy matter to Auckland’s Pacific people?

COVID-19 has made Auckland’s entrenched inequities worse. Nearly 60 per cent of Auckland’s Pacific 99,300-strong Pacific workforce is employed in less-skilled jobs, especially vulnerable to the changing nature of work and the economic impacts of COVID-19. Across New Zealand 9.5 per cent of Pacific households experience in-work poverty.

Project Ikuna - supporting the future of Auckland’s Pacific workforce

Future Ready: Money Confidence is part of a four-year, MBIE-funded programme to help upskill Auckland’s Pacific workers so people have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the future of work.

Ready to upskill your Pacific people for the future of work?

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