This short, in-work course supports your Pacific people to set financial goals and prepare for retirement.  

How does the course work?

Future Ready: Preparing for Retirement is part of a four-year, MBIE-funded programme to help upskill Auckland’s Pacific workers so people have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the future of work. The course is:

  • A short (16 hours) in-work training course, delivered over 8 weeks (2 hours per week or tailored to suit your workplace)
  • Delivered on-site or online, by expert education providers
  • No cost - fully government funded
  • Externally accredited - employees gain a digital badge

What will your people learn?

  • How to understand and manage KiwiSaver and superannuation funds
  • How to compare KiwiSaver providers and products to suit their needs
  • How to identify their personal financial risk-taking profile
  • How to formulate a personal retirement goal using the SMART goals format
Ready to upskill your Pacific people for the future of work?
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