If you are an Auckland employer, you may be eligible for fully-funded courses to upskill your Pacific people.

Find out what Auckland employers have to say
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Money Confidence

Equip your people with the knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions to support personal financial wellbeing, organisational performance, and improved regional prosperity.

Life Online

Empower your people to get online confidently, safely and securely, and boost their digital literacy.

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Preparing for Your Retirement

Equip your people with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make informed financial decisions for their retirement and future.

Assertiveness & Confidence

Equip your people with knowledge and confidence to communicate assertively at work.

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Equip your leaders with skills to improve their wellbeing for work and home.


Equip your team to be sustainability leaders.

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Introduction to Leadership

Equip your people with the confidence to lead others.

Leadership Confidence

Equip your leaders with new skills to effectively lead others and have confidence to progress within your organisation.

Ready to upskill your Pacific people for the future of work?
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