Auckland Ghost Tours, Auckland CBD

The Auckland Ghost tour is a lantern lit walking tour of Auckland cities most historic streets. Experience the dark and grizzly events that have taken place in the heart of the city.

Discover a pre-colonial New Zealand and it's native inhabitants, the Maori people. Learn of a culture raised in tribal warfare, drenched in the blood of it's dark lineage, cannibalism, long lost head shrinking techniques and village trade deals gone wrong.

Fast forward one hundred years to a city plunged into plague chaos with the arrival of the 1918 influenza pandemic, and visit an open air mortuary.

We welcome all to take part in this truly unique tour, come along .... if you dare!

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11 Cherry Tree Pl, Massey, Waitakere, Auckland, 0614
Lots of parking available in designated pay and dispay parking areas. Allowing for a safe comfortable tour with secure carparks that have cameras operating 24 hours a day.
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Auckland Ghost Tours, Auckland CBD