Rapu Adventures: Surf Tours, Piha

Rapu New Zealand Surf 'n' Snow Tours.
The original and biggest surf tour company in NZ.

For beginners who are new to the sport of surfing, intermediate surfers or those wanting to perfect a certain aspect of their technique to really enjoy their time in the water! Or for those who have given it a go once or twice, we can provide you with the total surf experience!

We will work with you to master your ‘pop up’, giving you the knowledge and confidence to get in the water and catch your first wave.

You will also learn how to understand the dynamics and dangers at surf beaches so we will provide a detailed explanation of rips, ocean dynamics, surf safety and surfing rules.

Let's seek Adventure !

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Marine Parade, Piha, Auckland, 0646
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Rapu Adventures: Surf Tours, Piha