Heart of NZ Tours, Torbay

We will pick you up and take you away from it all to some really out of the way places, you will be amazed, and guess what, no crowds just you experiencing what NZ really has to offer.
Our tours take you to some of the most amazing areas where you will experience the wonderful contrast between rural and forest.
Our hikes begin on the forest fringe and take you deep into some of NZ's most stunning areas.
You will experience crystal clear blue ocean and beautiful white sand beaches, along with black iron sand beaches that take your breath away.
We will traverse some of NZ's most stunning, rolling farmland across to the North East Coast.
We will prepare you a delicious barbecue lunch, whilst you enjoy your spectacular surroundings.

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17 waiake street, torbay, auckland, Auckland, 0631
+64 9 475 6291
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Heart of NZ Tours, Torbay