Auckland Shore Excursions, Waitakere

No jostling crowds, No exhausting journeys and Not all our stops are to common Public places... And, this is especially not "just a sheep farm tour" !

This tour is;
- unrivaled: (because there's no other tour in Auckland like it)
- extraordinary: (because you visit somewhere *private*)
- distinctive: (because folk report this is the best tour ever)
- exceptional: (because unlike a company’s employed tour guide, we as owner/operators “host” you)

In just 40mins from Auckland you’ll ingest an array of Coast & Countryside attractions in the region where where our family has lived since 1922. Plus, we bring you to our own sheep farm and inside our historic Homestead for the best-ever homemade afternoon tea!

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76 Muriwai Valley Road, Waimauku, Muriwai Beach, Auckland, 0881
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Auckland Shore Excursions, Waitakere